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Strange routing problem

There's a short footpath which I can't persuade to use to avoid the busy Washway Road A17 on my latest saved route. Any idea why?

Lynn-Holbeach-Guy's Head-Lynn

This 50ish mile loop heads out from Lynnsport on National Cycle Route 1 through the town centre (as much as cycleable) and then the former main road from West Lynn to Walpole Cross Keys, the embankment-top track to Sutton Bridge and then back on the former main road through Long Sutton.

The next bit of the saved route is currently wrong because you can use a track not yet on the map to cross straight over the new A17 in Gedney from Chapelgate to Churchgate, rather than riding along the dual carriageway... then we rejoin National Cycle Route 1 (which has been on a long detour via Wisbech) into Holbeach for lunch.

Return by leaving Holbeach along Edinburgh Walk, left on Park Lane and right onto Battlefields Lane, then cross the A17 on another not-yet-mapped track into Battlefields Lane North, then small roads out east-north-east towards Gedney Drove End before turning southeast towards Guy's Head and back to Sutton Bridge.

Finish by crossing the bridge again, following the embankment track and the former main road for the final ten miles back to Lynn.

Whose route is it anyway?

When looking at a saved route, is it possible to see who saved it, to give them credit? Maybe with a link to their page?

My Bike and Nearest Cities

Could links to my nearest N city guides be added to the "My Bike" page, please? It's a bit clunky to click City Guides: Full List: King's Lynn.

Pubs and cafes?

How can I see the details of the pubs and cafes marked on the maps?

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