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Advertise your accommodation is the most comprehensive and detailed online guide to British cycle touring. We’re number one on Google for many popular routes – such as Lon Las Cymru, Devon C2C, the London to Brighton Bike Route – and in the top five for even more.

Our acclaimed route-planner is regularly recommended on popular forums including Cycling UK Forum, CycleChat, Reddit and more. With traffic currently doubling year-on-year, we can help get your accommodation in front of cycle travellers.

Stand out from the crowd lists over 600,000 hotels, B&Bs and campsites in Britain, Western Europe and North America. These listings are provided by well-known booking sites. Our intuitive map interface makes the best place for cyclists to find accommodation.

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For a limited time our introductory price is £3.20 a month2 – a single night’s stay will pay for two years’ worth of listings!

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  2. Then sign up as a supporter with our payment provider, Patreon. Make sure you use the same email address as step 1. Under “Choose what you pay”, select $4 per month.2
  3. Once we’ve registered your payment (this takes a few hours), you can simply go to and choose ‘Edit your accommodation details’ at any time.

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1 Advertisers within a certain distance of the route being displayed. Space constraints mean that we can’t always show this on the smallest mobile screens. We're adding new routes all the time: here are the routes currently available.

2 Our payment provider charges in US dollars: the monthly price is $4 which roughly equates to £3.20. VAT excluded.