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Privacy policy

Logging in

You may log into’s app or website using an account you set up on the website, or using a third-party login (including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple). This is solely a convenience so you don't have to click an email confirmation link.

When you log in with a third-party service, we may receive your name, email address, and/or user ID from that service. This is only stored on our server to allow you to log in. You may choose to publish journeys or travelogue posts using your name or email, but this is entirely optional. Journeys can be saved as ‘private’ in which case no-one will see your name.

We do not use any other user data from these services. We do not use your account to publish posts, tweets, etc. on that service.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email [email protected] from the email address with which you registered the account.


When you register as a user of, we’re grateful for your trust in us, and we aim to remain worthy of that trust.

We will not share the information you give us (your name, email address and exact location) with anyone. We may use your generalised location to show more relevant content (for example, content relating to your nearest city), and your exact location to improve the site experience (for example, centering the map at the right point).

We do not collect any other personal information. However, you should be aware that by saving routes or other information, you may be volunteering your personal information. When you save a route, we offer an option to make the route private, which will conceal the route title and details. Routes that are not marked as private are publicly viewable.

If you choose to upload your routes to another service, the terms and conditions of that service will apply. Our integrations are ‘upload only’; we do not download your activity or route data from any other service. is not intended for sole use by children. Please ensure you supervise children when using this app.

Mobile app

When you ride a route with the app, we may collect data about road conditions and rider speed. This data will be stored on our servers anonymously, without any information linking it to your account or any other personally identifying information, and is used solely to improve our routing calculations. You can disable this by changing the ‘Send route feedback’ setting within the app, or by refusing/disabling permission when asked to permit sensor usage.

Web cookies

We use cookies on the website for two purposes:

We do not run content from third-party advertisers and networks. Some images on may be hosted on third-party servers who will receive your IP address when these are viewed.

You may at any time inspect and delete your cookies using your browser settings.

Account deletion

If you want your account to be deleted, please email [email protected] from the email address with which you registered the account. All your saved routes and other content will be removed.

Right to be forgotten (GDPR)

If you believe that holds personal data about you, and you would like this to be erased, please email [email protected] with details of the information concerned. You can find out more about the right to be forgotten at