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Maximum gradient

Is there any way to figure out the maximum gradient of a route other than moving the pointer slowly along it and watching the tooltip?

And is it possible to set a maximum or would that mean another server to calculate routes?

When will the map next update?

When will the map next update? the date on which we last updated the data says it'll update once a month and was last done on 12 Feb, but it's now well past 12 Mar...

The Pilgrim's Way from King's Lynn to Walsingham

This is as close as I'd go to the pilgrim's way from the West mentioned on and even then, it includes a mile on the busy A148 past Harpley Dams.

Churches along the route include: South Wootton, Castle Rising, Babingley (Orthodox Chapel), West Newton (just off the route, uphill), Flitcham, Houghton (inside the hall grounds - check for opening times), West Rudham, East Rudham (just off the route), Waterden (just off the route, up a footpath, fairly hidden), North Barsham, Houghton St Giles (slipper chapel), Walsingham.

The route approaching from the South is rather simpler and plotted at

Norwich to King's Lynn the easy way

Leave Norwich by following the green "pedalway" signs to Bowthorpe. Continue straight on instead of following the green route when it turns hard left and you should join Chapel Break Road by the Three Score sign. Turn right onto the road and turn next left onto the width-restricted New Road under the A47, signposted Bawburgh for cycles on its left.

At the end of the road in Bawburgh, turn right, following signs to Marlingford, then turn left at the end of that road. Continue straight on through Barford to Barnham Broom to Brandon Parva. After crossing the Yare on a narrow bridge, turn left to Runhall, then turn second left after Runhall church onto a height-restricted road to Hardingham, turning left then right to cross the B road.

Turn right at crossroads to Southburgh, continue straight on to Cranworth, turn right at end of road to Shipdham. In Shipdham, after first crossroads, turn left onto cycleway and continue straight on along the road. Turn left at end onto A1075, then turn right to Bradenham after zebra and crossroads. Continue straight on to Holme Hale to Swaffham.

In Swaffham, turn left at end of road and continue straight on at traffic lights, then turn right onto small no-motors lane by Atlantic Fish Bar past Strattons Hotel. Turn left at end, then turn right at end by police station onto West Acre Road. Continue straight on for 6 miles over weight-restricted river bridge. Turn left at end, then turn right at end onto B1153 to East Walton to Gayton.

Turn left at crossroads onto B1145 to King's Lynn and then either:

King's Cross to King's Lynn

A 110 mile ride from King's Cross to King's Lynn, passing King's College Cambridge (three kings!). Mix of flat and gently-rolling. 29% cycleway. 0.9mi on A roads, lots on B roads. Ride rating: ★★★★★. Much of this route has been used by a local cycling group, but please check you're happy with the route before setting off.

(Note: in this, following signs "to" a place should mean you actually go there, whereas "towards" a place means you will change direction before it. Not every signposted turn is mentioned, especially when on marked routes like the National Cycle Routes or A/B roads.)

Take CS6 southbound but turn off left at Calthorpe Street crossroads and continue straight over Farringdon Road to take Q2 northbound. In Islington, turn left onto CS1 to Seven Sisters. When CS1 joins the A10, do not continue along it — instead, use the Toucan crossing to the left to continue over into Crowland Road and on across Markfield Recreation Ground, then turn left onto National 1 beside the River Lea Navigation. Follow that until you pass under the north circular dual carriageway and then join a road to cross left over the water, then when National 1 turns right to cross Pickett's Lock, follow the road (Picketts Lock Lane) left instead and turn right at end onto the cycleway on the nearside of Meridian Way.

(Former route: Follow CS1 to the college buildings at Tottenham Green, follow signs for "Tottenham Hale" to turn right on Tynemouth Rd and at the one way signs, turn left into Copperfield Drive, follow road through emergency route onto Stainby Road. Cross the A road, then turn right onto cycleway and second left into Ashley Road, then right-left onto cycleway leading to one alongside the A1055, following signs towards Picketts Lock then Waltham Abbey.)

At Bilton Way fork (signposted Ordnance Road ½ and Enfield Lock station), continue straight on then turn right signposted Enfield Greenways and Lea Valley Park onto Route 12. At end turn left onto Route 1. Follow Route 1 taking care to go left over bridges at end of Meridian Way. After Meadgate Road rejoins the River Lea Navigation towpath, leave Route 1 by going straight on crossing over Dobbs Weir and continuing straight on to eventually join Route 61 to Ware at Ratty's Lane.

After Ware centre and school on left, leave Route 61 by turning right over weight-restricted level concrete bridges past a lock, then turn left and follow Harris's Lane. Straight over one crossroads, then turn left at crossroads onto B1001 and turn right at mini-roundabout into Wulfrath Way. Turn left on bend opposite Poles Lane onto bridleway Poles Lane under the bypass, continuing onto tarmac road. At end, turn right onto Cambridge Road to Puckeridge, following cycle signs to Cambridge.

After Puckeridge, turn right onto B1348. At end after 20 miles, cross over A10 and turn right onto cycleway. After crossing river, turn left onto cycle route across open countryside and past new housing. At end, turn left, then follow Trumpington Road until Route 11 rejoins it. Follow Route 11 through city centre, past King's College. Continue straight on when Route 11 turns right off Bridge Street. After Shire Hall on right, at large junction, turn right onto B1049 to Histon, Cottenham and Wilburton. At end turn right then turn left into Station Road, to Witchford.

In Witchford, turn right and take cycleway to Ely. In Ely, turn left at end onto Cambridge Road and left with Route 11. In Little Downham, take right turn in Lawn Lane, following signs to Black Bank and Littleport. Follow Lynn Road to Littleport station and continue past. At staggered crossroads with A10, continue on right-left to Black Horse Drove. Continue straight on to Route 11 to Denver.

In Denver, leave Route 11 by continuing straight on when it turns right, then at end, turn left-right across staggered crossroads onto B1507 to Downham Market and continue straight on until Route 11 rejoins you for the second time after the church on the hill. Follow Route 11 to Route 1 to King's Lynn. Congratulations.

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