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King's Cross - King's Lynn v4 cue card

Uphill by bird cage on King's Blvd, SO (Goods Way) diag across Granary Sq, SO (Handyside St) LT York Way, under rail, 5R Market Rd, SO Mackenzie Rd, SO Palmer Place, SO Drayton Park, 6R Aubert Park, RLSO Kelross Rd, SO Collins Rd, LRL Clissold Park, R YL RT SO LT YR SO SO Grazebrook Rd LR Grayling Rd LT CS1

cycleways to A110 Southbury Rd  SOX after Broadlands Av LY service road, bus lane, Toucan to Durants Park LT RT Green St LT n/s cycleway toucan cycleway, after under bridge R N12 LT N1 ...

At A121/B194 LX o/s cycleway bridge R cycleway N1 ... At Meadgate Rd SO (N1 turns R), LT bridge SO Essex Rd 2LO 2R Pindar Rd 10?L Normandy Way L Fisherman's Way SOX N61 ... After Ware Amwell End 2R bridges LT Harris's La SOX Fanshawe Cr LX R Wulfrath Wy 7R track Poles Lane LX Cambridge Rd RX cycleway SOX Puckeridge RT B1368 ...

At A10 RT o/s cycleway after bridge LT cycleway LX A1309 2L R R busway cycleway pass Cambridge station Ibis SO car park cycleway RT Devonshire Rd SOX Kingston St RL Sturton St SOX Occupation Rd LRU cycleways SO LY Walnut Tree Av R Riverside N11 LY bridge N51 .. At Milton Rd LY underpass SO* Cowley Pk / Rd bridge Cambr Rd High St Waggon & Horses L High St RT R cycleway SOX Landbeach Rd Landbeach L Cottenham Rd Cottenham R unsuitable Rooks St RT B1049 Wilburton RL Station Rd Witchford RT SOO cycleway SOO RT LT Cambr Rd LT Lynn Rd SO* Littleport RO stn RT L Ten Mile Bank N11 .. King's Lynn

Stages Hasselt-HvH

  1. 14 miles Grande-Synthe - De Panne NMBS + 3h40 train + 5 miles Hasselt - CtWater;
  2. 42 miles CtWater - Ct Trees - Eindhoven;
  3. 41 miles Eindhoven - Baarle - Breda;
  4. 52 miles Breda - Dordrecht - Rotterdam - Hoek van Holland. Alternative, 54 miles Breda - Puttershoek - Rotterdam - HvH

King's Lynn Holland Hundred v3 Cue Card Notes

SO = Straight On, + = do it lots, @O = at roundabout, cw = cycleway, T = at T-junction at the end of the road, rest maybe guessable:

K9 to SBr Ch R NewRd GedDrEnd SO RT RT HolStMatt SO HolStMk N1 M Fosdyke (Marsh) (Kirton) Frampton HallLa Boston 180 N1 R@zebra Wyberton Toucan 4L WybWRd RLSO wood LX RX bend ChGrLa RT B1391 KirtonEnd after NSL LX DancesBank RT LT Wigtoft RT RLSO 6R (1R after EaudikeRd signs) Gosberton SOX L SalemSt R WargateWy RT 2L (SurfCheal) 2R by drain with poles LT Surfleet RX 1R CuckooLn SOX RT 3R B1180 Spar Sch L RottenRow R CherryHoltLn 3L Pennytoft SO@bend x2 LT RT 2L LX Pennygate RT LT SO SO@bend 1wy pub+pie 180 LT L PrioryRd SOX LX StThoRd 1L Welland Rd RLSO bridge LRSO RT ClayLake LT SOX SOX SO L@bend LT 1R SO2X R GeldersLa LT SO HolStJn Plough SO@bend M SOX+ (Tydd,Wisbech) LX RT LT B1169 2R N1 RT R bridge L NenePde 2R L R L cw RT LT LynnRd L@O cw SO RT SO@lit cw SOX RT L@O SO Terrington R (stn) L@N1

Cross-site scripting attack

When I middle-click (for new tab) the website in "Turn right onto ferry Harwich Harbour Ferry · website" I get a warning that a XSS attack attempted to redirect me from to - has been broken into?

Maximum gradient

Is there any way to figure out the maximum gradient of a route other than moving the pointer slowly along it and watching the tooltip?

And is it possible to set a maximum or would that mean another server to calculate routes?

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