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Back to bark by HobbesOnTour
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Lo to Zee (paved) via Verune,Nieupoort,Oudenburg,Brugge by Nige
Zee to Lo (paved) via Brugge,Oudenburg,Nieuwpoort,Verune by Nige
Orford by StephenEason
Day 08 by Norman Cooper
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[suggestion] Adding route description

Could there be a way to add a route description to an existing route, please? I often don't have the pictures and words to describe a route before I've ridden it.

If there is a way, could you tell me how and consider making it more obvious, please? Maybe "Add description" links from the journeys list and the map?

Actually, how do you get from a saved route to its description(s) anyway?

Routing anomaly: bridges on track Spot Lane

Around there is a track called Spot Lane and it looks like the site won't route over either of the bridges on it. Is it something I can fix on OSM or is it a routing engine goof?

Train company updates still mentions FC which has been replaced by GN a while ago. Their page is now - bikes banned always between Drayton Park and Moorgate, south of Stevenage and Hertford on trains arriving London M-F 0700-0930 or leaving 1600-1900 and on trains between Ely and Cambridge North M-F 0745-0845.

Also, clicking links to railway pages waits a long time for a response from

Feature request: coloured 2d elevation plot and key

Could the 2d elevation plots be coloured in like the 3d ones, please? The 3d ones often don't display on my mobile and I don't really need that much detail anyway.

Also, could a key for the gradient colour be added to the key, please?

Sorry if this is a repeat - I thought I'd suggested this before but I can't find it.

Recent saved route not displaying

So why's not displaying then? I can see its distance in "my journeys" but the link doesn't work.

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