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King's Lynn Holland Hundred v3 Cue Card Notes

30 Aug 2019
by mjray
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SO = Straight On, + = do it lots, @O = at roundabout, cw = cycleway, T = at T-junction at the end of the road, rest maybe guessable:

K9 to SBr Ch R NewRd GedDrEnd SO RT RT HolStMatt SO HolStMk N1 M Fosdyke (Marsh) (Kirton) Frampton HallLa Boston 180 N1 R@zebra Wyberton Toucan 4L WybWRd RLSO wood LX RX bend ChGrLa RT B1391 KirtonEnd after NSL LX DancesBank RT LT Wigtoft RT RLSO 6R (1R after EaudikeRd signs) Gosberton SOX L SalemSt R WargateWy RT 2L (SurfCheal) 2R by drain with poles LT Surfleet RX 1R CuckooLn SOX RT 3R B1180 Spar Sch L RottenRow R CherryHoltLn 3L Pennytoft SO@bend x2 LT RT 2L LX Pennygate RT LT SO SO@bend 1wy pub+pie 180 LT L PrioryRd SOX LX StThoRd 1L Welland Rd RLSO bridge LRSO RT ClayLake LT SOX SOX SO L@bend LT 1R SO2X R GeldersLa LT SO HolStJn Plough SO@bend M SOX+ (Tydd,Wisbech) LX RT LT B1169 2R N1 RT R bridge L NenePde 2R L R L cw RT LT LynnRd L@O cw SO RT SO@lit cw SOX RT L@O SO Terrington R (stn) L@N1