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Plan multi-day adventures easily

Monday 22 March
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Dreaming of getting away on a bike trip this summer?’s new multi-day planning feature is here for you!

For any journey of 50km or more, you can simply add an “overnight stop” at any point on your route. These are special via points shown with an overnight symbol; you can drag and move them just like any other via point. Just click anywhere on the route and select "Overnight stop".

The on-map distance markers restart at each overnight point, so you can easily plan days of the length you want.

Then, when it comes to finding places to stay for your intended overnight stops, just click “Find hotels and campsites at overnights”; will show nearby accommodation, all clickable for more details, and many directly bookable online.

Or if you want… let the site work out the overnight stops for you. Click “Suggest overnight stops”, and set the number of days you want to take. will then add overnight stops at the right places. (You can set your preferred number of miles per day in your account settings, and this will be used as the default.) There’s even an option for shorter first/last days, for when you’re spending part of your day travelling to/from the route.

All done? You can save the route as it is… or you can save it as individual journeys, one per day. Click ‘Split into multiple days’, and each one will be saved and numbered sequentially.

And all this is 100% free for all users – you don’t need to subscribe to a special plan to use this feature. We just want you to have a great bike holiday!

Head over to to try out the new feature.

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Mon 22 Mar, 22:52

Reaaaally nice ! TY so much ! Can't wait to use it :)

Fri 16 Apr, 10:02

You link to the map is broken.

Tue 4 May, 17:38

Hey Richard, thank you so much for this feature!

Is there a way to keep the route in a single journey, but split it at the download? Just like the 'split into multiple days' button for journeys, but for gpx files.

Thanks a lot, that site is awesome!

Mon 31 May, 13:30

Thanks for your work on this awesome site! I would also like a feature as described by rotsix. Uploading 300km+ routes to my device takes very long and some devices behave weirdly when the route is very long... Automatically splitting the route when downloading would be very handsome. Maybe add another download option where you get a ZIP-file that contains the individual stages?