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19 Nov 2018
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You can now use to plan a route anywhere in Europe – from the Adriatic to the Baltic and beyond.

We’ve expanded our map and route-planner to include Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. It’s all with the same lightning-fast route-planner that hates busy roads and loves quiet lanes and cycleways. You can plan a round-trip from Athens to Norway’s North Cape in seconds – a full 6,819 miles there and back. Try it!

We’re always fine-tuning our calculations to ensure the best routing. The latest changes, now rolled out across the whole of Europe and North America, include special logic to avoid really steep hills; smarter routing away from busy multi-lane roads in cities; and clearer turn instructions in rural areas. We also tweak our routing in specific regions to take account of local cycling characteristics: recent changes here include better handling of London’s new Quietway routes, and a more sceptical approach to several US states where designated cycle routes follow busy, dangerous routes. Meanwhile, we’ve also updated our cartography to have clearer, more attractive hillshading.

Countless bike tourists are now using to plan cycling expeditions across Europe and North America. The feedback from cyclists who’ve had happy holidays following a route is the best part of running the site (check out this 33-page thread on the Cycling UK forum) – thank you all so much for your support. Our traffic for 2018 is up almost 100% on 2017 and we have big plans for 2019, so stay tuned!

Our newly added countries are:

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Wed 28 Nov 2018, 18:29

Well done! Thanks for all the hard work.

Any plans with translating your route planner in French?

I would love to recommend your site in my country but most potential users are turned down when they see a site in another tongue.

I have offered several times to contribute to that work but haven't had any reply as of yet.

Sun 16 Dec 2018, 00:38

Am only in planning stages but am so thankful I have found CycleTravel - thx so much!

Mon 4 Jan 2021, 13:16

Why is Denmark not included?

Mon 12 Dec 2022, 15:40

Hi, I know understand why routes in Turkey are not working. Is this on the roadmap and when can it be expected?