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Day 2: Gulgong - Dunedoo 50-55 km. (Moderate )

Leave town by continuing to cycle west along Mayne Street. Very soon you turn right onto Medley

Street, a quiet sealed road. Continue on this quiet sealed road and as you leave the town behind it

becomes known as Barneys Reef Road, which is another name from the Gold mining days. Continue

for15 km (from the PO) and then:

Challenging section along Slap Dash Creek: * turn left onto a “No Through Road”. This is the upper

section of Barneys Reef Road, which is no longer trafficable, but which is a lovely unsealed ‘nature

trail’ following Slap Dash Creek. Very soon take the right-hand track. (See Alternative route below).

For the next 14 km you will cross the creek several times and hopefully spot many birds, kangaroos,

wallabies, stray sheep or even a goanna. Yucca Plants near the road are remnants of the old coaching

days. The bushland is thick with cypress pines as you cross over the hill that was Barney’s Reef. You

reach the end of the nature trail and a sealed road called Bus Route South. Turn left and cycle the

short distance to the former Birriwa village. (31km)

Alternative route Moderate: If there have been heavy rainfalls, or if you are not too keen

on sandy tracks and occasionally walking – you can take the alternative route to Birriwa.

*Do not turn left at “No Through Road” but carry straight on to Merotherie on an

unsealed road till the road forks after 9km. Take the left turn towards Merotherie.

Another 1.5 km on you will pass a motor cross park called Free Flight Moto. Cycle less

than 2km and another T intersection- turn left onto Birriwa Bus Route South.

The road is generally well graded with some excellent distance rural views, good shade

and bird life such as groups of Galahs, Choughs and Magpies. Continue approx. 3 km till

you reach a T intersection and turn left following Bus Route South. Stay on this road as it

winds about until it reaches the small settlement of Birriwa. The road is sandy now and

you will pass the large property of Mayfield’. And after a total of 21 km on this alternative

route you will reach the Castlereagh highway. 22 +15 = 37


Here take care as you cross over the highway. Turn back to the left and cycle south. Travel only half a

kilometer until you reach Birriwa Road, then turn right onto it.

Cycle about 6 km along Birriwa Road. A quiet road it winds with a couple of left-hand turns. The road

is undulating with good long-distance rural views. When you reach a junction with Tuckland Road, turn

right and follow it into the town of Dunedoo. It is an undulating road of about 11 kms with some stiffer

climbs, light traffic and good rural views. Turn left into the main street of Dunedoo: Bolero Street and

cycle along to the Post Office. (18km)

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