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French IGN maps became opendata

Hello Richard,

Since some of the very good IGN maps have changed license to Etalab 2.0 would it be eventually possible to choose the "Plan" background maps one day in CT?

Thank you.

Problem importing from CT in BikeGPX


I use BikePGX, as advised by Richard. I don't understand why importing in BikeGPX from CT dos not work 

Strangely, BikeGPX only imports from url. It does work from other site that offer sharing a route via url, but it doesn't from CT. I have imported successfully to other sites from CT via the copied URL so this is very odd.

I know this is more a BikeGPX question than CT, but there might be a work-around that I haven't found out which could be shared.

Thank you.

L'Auvergne Guide de Baroncelli

Itinéraire de 1898.

Boucle Mèze - Paulhan

En repérage pour Catherine à Mèze

Choosing the right PDF viewer (printer) for cue sheets


I found out that one must use Adobe Reader to view then print correctly the maps (not the cue sheets, as written at first) produced by Cycle.Travel.

For some reason, all other viewers I have tried do a lousy job (right image) with the contours. They come out much thicker for some reason and make the map hard to read.

View full size

No wonder I never thought the cue sheets were something I could use!

Now I can!

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