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Tour de l'Hérault vélo-tourisme

500 km pour découvrir la richesse exceptionnelle et insoupçonnée du patrimoine historique et naturel de l'Hérault.

Le parcours traverse les paysages extrêmement variés, allant de la vallée viticole de l'Hérault, les causses, les massifs du Caroux et de la Montagne Noire, les étangs et le littoral, sans oublier les villes de Montpellier et Béziers.

Impossible de citer tous les grands sites connus et les autres tout aussi intéressants mais plus discrets: lac et vallée rouges du Salagou, Saint Guilhem le Désert, cirque de Navacelles, Saut de Vésoles, canal du Midi.

Cette randonnée est facilement modulable si vous n'avez pas le temps de faire la boucle complète. Les accès sont nombreux, tant par l'Ouest que par l'Est. Les variantes infinies, permettant de choisir en fonction de son intérêt et de sa forme l'itinéraire que vous emprunterez.

Une chose est certaine: vous repartirez étonnés par la variété de ce que vous aurez vu et vécu et que vous n'auriez jamais soupçonné.

L'itinéraire a été tracé pour permettre de rouler quasi exclusivement sur des petites routes goudronnées (pas toujours en excellent état néanmoins). En de rares occasions, vous emprunterez des routes départementales un peu plus circulantes et des chemins non goudronnés quand il ne sera pas possible de faire autrement ou pour couper des trajets, mais jamais sur plus de quelques kilomètres.


This is a test for the router. For some reason, CT prefers to get off road in a downhill rather than take a pretty calm road. Sure, it saves distance, but by no means there is any time benefit. Let alone a confort one.

The place where it does this is after viapoint number 6.

Rounting engine with steep hills

Hello. Firstly, hats off for a superb site and very useful routing engine. We used it in France very successfully over a 500 km touring trip between Auvergne and Périgord finishing in Agen.

However on a few occasions, the routing engine seemed to choose a route on small roads (which we normally much prefer)  but with a number of very steep hills (+140m) , over a (longer + 1 km over 6.4 km)) route with on what appeared on OSM as a major road. The computed time seemed to take only distance into consideration. The longer route was only downhill and obviously that extra km would have been quicker than the additional 140m of elevation. But the main issue was the steepness of the hills. A real pain.

So the request is really to have a routing rule that could take into consideration the steepness of the route and also not ruling out major roads totally when they make sens and it's not long.

I understand this is in reality a complex request, but thought I'd share it anyway.

I think the lesson here is to use tools for what they are and agree, as users, to spend some time to study routes a bit better, using the fantastic tools you provide. In my case, a bit more time spent would have allowed me to spt what we were up to and I could have made the decision myself.



It seems that only the small train stations are made visible on (in France at least)/

Here is an example: Vias is a tiny stop, and Agde is bigger. On OSM, the first is a "point", the other one (Agde) is a tagged building.


Massif de l'Aigoual from the west

XXL views for a memorable day out in the big outdoors!!

Fantastic loop for medium fit bikers. Experience all what rural France has to offer, far and away from the crowds. Gorgeous perched village, canyons, cool forests, idyllic pond with an opportunity to have a coffee out in the sun. This loop has it all. It's not even very hard because done clockwise, you'll mostly ride uphill in very low grade roads. Hardly any trafic on most of this loop. Good tarmac although not necessarily very flat. But who'd want to race on such a beautiful course anyway??

If you want a slightly more difficul variant, check out the "Lanuéjols variant" which will give event more variety of landscapes as it'll bring you to the causse Noir, a high plateau where you will most likely spot vultures flying above your head.

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