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Choosing the right PDF viewer (printer) for cue sheets


I found out that one must use Adobe Reader to view then print correctly the maps (not the cue sheets, as written at first) produced by Cycle.Travel.

For some reason, all other viewers I have tried do a lousy job (right image) with the contours. They come out much thicker for some reason and make the map hard to read.

View full size

No wonder I never thought the cue sheets were something I could use!

Now I can!

Mobile UI confusion

Hi again.

I understood why it had appeared to me that the "Center on position" button sometimes isn't present (cf an earlier post). The reason is a glitch in the User Experience on Mobile:

A different screen shows when accessing a map from the main (top) menu "MAP" then "Routes" (on the bottom)

or from "MY"  -> "Journeys" -> "Route_name"".

This small difference also explains my comment about showing the distance in altigraph. Viewed from the "route details' view" (second screenshot), the distance does show (with lots of other useful information), whereas in the simplified "Map View" (first screenshot), that route details' view is not available, hence the absence of total distance information.

Now that I know the difference, I can easily live with it (because it does make some sense to create different, simplified views based on context of usage). It's such a subtle visual difference though that it's hard to figure it all out by trial and error. I'd bet I'm not the only one to have missed them and been confused. At least some help pages could be helpful for beginners.

I hope I'm being clear in my explanations...

Forum posts show in Travelogue list.

Hello again,

The user feedback link directs to a forum where one can write a post as I do just now.

I find that those forum posts don't really belong in my travelogue. I could link back to my travelogue from a Blog or a forum signature or whatever. It's not motivating to write true travelogue posts that I find could be valuable for the community aspect of this site (which I know you have prioritized rather low (understandably given the other things to do on their impact on the bigger CT picture).

Another small detail. I'm happy to read your very well-written route guides. I found out recently that you added some in France an NZ. Now that the list grows, could you add some kind of visual clue, in the menu list, as to where (which country) those routes are located? Flag, initials in brackets, ...)

Thank you for paying attention to user feedback and for your great app.

Displaying total distance on mobile app


I looked thoroughly but could not find the total distance of the route being planned displayed on the mobile app. Only way I found to find out was to save track and see on the journey recap list.

Indeed, the yellow distance marks give some kind of indication, but I'm sure a more straight forward and accurate number would be welcomed by me and others.

I looked around and although I'd like it to be visible at all times and therefore be displayed somewhere on the main screen (but I don't have any proposal for that), a sensible alternative would be on the altigraph. It already shows total elevation gain/loss and right there could be displayed the total track distance. That could be pretty easy to add too.

Thank you for your attention to user feed back. behaves great as a Webapp on my Android phone

Thanks Richard. CT works very well on my Android smartphone.

You've done an excellent job with the mobile web interface. I use it now on the go on very easily.

One small problem remains: I didn't find a way to center on my current location. Probably because of some permissions and not becasue of CT.

FYI, I use it with Opera Web browser and I've added CT to my "Home Screen".

This creates a shortcut directly on the phone screen. When tapping it, CT launches as a web app (hides away the browser "decorations" and CT is in full screen). Beautiful.

If you would add just a few lines of code on your web site, you could actually make it even beautiful on the device by adding a custom icon for the CT shortcut (after "adding to Home Screen"). This would make CT mobile look like a real app on the phone and make it easier for users to find the icon on the screen.

I searched rapidly on the web and found how to do this for iOS, but I'm sure it exists for android because another app I use has its own icon like that here: wym-1579793224505

Anyway, just cosmetics. But again, this makes it a very good friend on the road (when within coverage of a mobile network of course).

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