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River Rhone becomes latest Euro route

22 Mar 2016 France EuroVelo Switzerland Rhone Cycle Route
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The Rhone Cycle Route, a 1,100km tour beside the river through Switzerland and France, has been anointed as the newest member of the EuroVelo route network.

The designation as EuroVelo route 17 is intended to give the Alps-to-Mediterranean route the same popularity as the successful EuroVelo cycleways along the Rhine, Loire and Danube rivers.

The Rhone route passes through Geneva, Lyon and Avignon before splitting into two final legs to the Med – one to Montpellier, one to Marseille. The Swiss section has a rapid descent from the headwaters to Lake Geneva, while the French section is mostly flat. Over 50% of the French route is on traffic-free ‘greenways’.

The EuroVelo designation is awarded by the European Cyclists’ Federation, the umbrella group for cycling organisations, and partly funded by the European Union. You can find out more about EuroVelo 17 on their website.

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Mon 9 May 2016, 11:24

Excellent route, but take the ferry up the lake from Geneva; the road along the water is very busy and often narrow.

Thu 20 Apr 2017, 19:27

Good idea, but just for clarification that's going up the Rhone! It's quieter on the French side, but stick to minor roads where possible.