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How to prefer designated cycling routes?

Is it possible to prefer designated cycling routes when planning a trip?

Consider the following scenario: I want to go from Rostock in Germany to Berlin. Both cities are on the Eurovelo 7 route. Obviously, there is a shorter route, and will find this shorter route. If I want to go mainly on EV7 I have to add many vias so the route is on EV7.

Is it somehow possible to tell the routing engine to prefer designated cycling routes and only leave them when the alternative is way longer or impossible? Or s a feature like that planned?

Best regards and thank you for the awesome website!

Opening elevation profile changes route

I experience this strange behaviour since a couple of days. When I open one of my saved routes and then click the elevation icon to see the profile, the route changes. For example, one route has two waypoints, and when opening the elevation profile, one waypoint is removed. The saved route is not affected, so closing and opening it again gives me the correct route.

One route where this happens is this one:

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Wahoo integration for easier uploads to devices

Wahoo cycling computers have become very popular. I use my Wahoo Roam for workouts, but also for cycle touring.

When planning a workout, I work out the route on Komoot, save it and my Wahoo Roam automatically downloads the route, ready to start navigating.

I would like to have the same workflow when using, but right now I have to download the TCX file, connect my phone to my device via Bluetooth, and then use the Wahoo app to transfer the route to my Roam. Not very handy...

A more user-friendly, Komoot-like integration would look like this:

  1. Plan a route on
  2. Save it to your profile
  3. Sync your Wahoo device

Wahoo offer an API (, but I don't know what effort is needed to implement the feature. Have you guys at looked into the option of adding Wahoo integration? I would love to offer a helping hand, but while I have a background in IT, I am not very familiar with web development.

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