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Welcome to London

London is becoming a cycling city – and it’s the best thing to happen to it in years.

The congestion charge, costly parking, and daily jams mean you'd be insane to drive in the capital – and thousands of new cyclists have come to exactly that conclusion. And, marvellously, London is slowly evolving to suit, with Dutch-style lanes and a thriving cycling culture. Cycle lanes may come and go, irate cabbies might fulminate about red lights, but the tide of cycling is advancing inexorably, driven by sheer weight of numbers. 

Boris's bike advisor calls for new routes

21 Jan 2016

Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor of London’s cycling commissioner, is drawing up a list of new superhighways he wants to see constructed after Boris Johnson’s term comes to a close. The “legacy plan” includes a new…

London gets its first 'Tiger Crossing'

3 Jun 2015 · 1

Zebras, pelicans, toucans, puffins, pegasuses (pegasi?)… there’s a bewildering number of types of road crossing, and now London has a Tiger crossing to add to the mix. It’s like a normal zebra crossing…

Boris Bikes app lets you book from your phone

11 May 2015

A new official app for London’s hire bikes, now sponsored by Santander, lets you take a bike without using the streetside touchscreen terminals. The new Santander Cycles app, available for…

Designs shortlisted for Nine Elms cycle bridge

24 Mar 2015

Four designs have made the shortlist for a new cycling and walking bridge over the River Thames at Nine Elms, between Chelsea and Vauxhall. The £40m bridge will link to the…

Work underway on cycle superhighways

24 Mar 2015

Shovels have hit the ground on London’s flagship north-south cycle superhighway – and the principal opponent of the east-west route has backed down. Canary Wharf Group had aired the prospect of seeking judicial…

Small change for banks - Santander to sponsor Boris Bikes

27 Feb 2015

You and I may call them ‘Boris Bikes’, but London’s cycle hire scheme has officially been known as ‘Barclays Cycle Hire’. Barclays signalled last year that it didn’t want to…

Cycle Superhighway 1 takes the backstreet route

24 Feb 2015

East London is to get a new Cycle Superhighway – but a very different creature to the dramatic plans for the cross-London routes. Whereas the recently approved North-South and East-West…

Tough drill makes light work of bike-friendly kerbs

23 Feb 2015

As segregated urban cycleways become more common in Britain, traditional straight-up kerbs have come in for criticism. Standard vertical kerbs reduce the width available to cyclists, and make it more…

Superhighways are go

New 4 Feb 2015

The news that London has been waiting for came today – the East-West and North-South Superhighways, nicknamed ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ have been approved. Designed with Dutch-style segregation from traffic, the…

More cyclists in London than ever

2 Feb 2015

Cycling in London is now at its highest rate since records began in 2000, according to Transport for London. Across London’s main roads, cycling levels from September to December were 10%…