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London cycling


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570,000 journeys every day – that’s how popular cycling is in London. Almost half the traffic on London Bridge is two-wheeled. Bike shops and cycle cafés are everywhere. Boris bikes throng the streets.

It’s no cycling nirvana, of course, but a big, messy city. On the one hand you have traffic-free towpaths and Royal Parks; on the other, lethal gyratories and four-lane arterials. Just as if you were a cabbie, it's all about the 'knowledge'.

But once you've acquired that knowledge, those days of crowded tubes and erratic buses will seem like a distant memory. Cycling really is the only way to get across London.

Share your knowledge

We’re building this as a guide to cycling in London. You can already browse the menu for pages about surviving busy roads, Boris bikes, bike culture and more.

But above all, these are your pages, where you can share your London cycling expertise. Use your travelogue pages to post your tips and thoughts on city cycling, and we’ll incorporate the best into this guide.

And if you want to chat and discuss issues with other London cyclists, check out our new London cycling forum.