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Sort order for search results, default from location

Friday 21 August
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I mostly use for routing near or from my house.

This would make two changes very useful for me:

  1. Put my home in as the default start point when routing
  2. When searching for places, maybe rank by distance from either home, or map centre, or start point (not sure which makes more sense)

    At the moment, for example, if I search for "Northcote Road", the top 5 suggestions are in London, Bradford, and New Zealand. I live in Bristol, so I have to stick "Bristol" on the end every time; this is fine but really I am not likely to cycle to New Zealand any time soon.
Many thanks


Sat 22 Aug, 23:25

I have different needs - I already know the roads near my home so don't use here. I would prefer if , when I open the maps page, I go to the last area that I was viewing. So that if I'm planninng routes in, say, the south of France for my next tour, I don't always need to relocate the map to France.

Thu 3 Sep, 09:44

Perhaps this could be the behaviour if you have not set a home location?

Or maybe this would be too magical and would need a switch instead.

Thu 3 Sep, 09:49

Actually, thinking about it, a better combination is probably something like:

  1. Search results ranked by distance from map centre
  2. Map starts at last place you viewed
  3. People who have a home location set see a button to move the map there
  4. People who have a home location set have that as the placeholder text in the to/from search fields, so if omitted home is assumed
This would cover both uses and still improve my original gripe (search results often from somewhere non-sensible).
Fri 4 Sep, 11:06

I’ll have a look at all that! Note that you can set your home country from your profile page too – this influences the search results, so the NZ one won’t appear when you type Northcote Road.