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Diverging from Eurovelo route(s)

I'm planning on riding from Salamanca to Huelva (Spain) next month, and looking at Eurovelo 1. I notice that the route for this deviates from the eurovelo route quite a bit (e.g. completely avoiding Caceres). Just wondering why - do you know that the alternative  shown are better in some way? - i.e.. what's the citeria for choosing alternatives? Thanks.


why can't I route along this road (RM 332)?


Alternative route for Avenue Verte in the UK?

Accessing this forum

Just wondering, am I being thick or is the only way to access these  forums via the 'feedback' link at the bottom of pages (or via a lucky Google search)? It's not very obvious - maybe there would be more input if it was easier to find?

Claerwen reservoir track (mid Wales)

I rode this track around this reservoir the other day (and further west until it joins a paved road). I expected, judging from the colouring on, for it to be mostly a smooth cycle path (only a short section in the middle was marked as unpaved). Not so! It's rough the whole way, and pretty hard work in many places. I have since updated OSM to change the surface type.

OSM may still need more work perhaps Richard could check?

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