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Afsluitdijk - Netherlands

I can't seem to create a route passing along this cycle route in the Netherlands (part of the North Sea route?) , always routes around the inside of Ijsselmeer. The routing info looks OK on OpenStreetMap

Finding hotels

I'm a little confused by the option for finding accommodation along a route. The symbol ££££ suggests to me more expensive hotels than just a  single £, but in the area I'm looking at (Puglia, Italy) some fairly low-cost hotels only appear when the ££££ is selected. But some pricier ones appear when ££ is selected.

On an associated issue, all the hotels link direct to (which I already use quite a lot) - do you get commission per click from them, or from the hotels? I'm intrigued, but maybe you aren't able to say!

Ev8 test

Trying to ride on sand! I tried this route recently while on holiday in southern Spain - although marked as Eurovelo8 there are no cycle route signs and most of the route is across loose sand - impossible to ride, or even push, a bike. If I route just the southern section of this using, there's no mention of even being off-road. The whole experience was disappointing because I went to this area specifically because it is one of the few bits of Spanish coast that doesn't have a main road running alongside it. 

So, I got to thinking, there needs to be some authoritative way of making would-be long-distance cycle tourists aware of how good (or bad) these Eurovelo routes are. I know that so much depends on the OSM data (and I've just edited OSM to change the surface of this route to 'sand') but the OSM database doesn't provide enough detail to generate what's required. I wonder how difficult it would be to construct a database/map showing how "realised" these European routes are, on a km-by-km basis? The official Eurovelo website is hopeless at this (unless I've missed something). Richard, any thoughts?

NCN 68 north of Haltwhistle

Hi Richard

I'm trying to plot a route along a section of NCN 68, from Haltwhistle to Bellingham, but won't let me! It appears to think there's a gap in the track just north of where the surfaced road ends (north of 'Robin Rock Drift'); any attempt to route north of there results in a huge diversion through Simonburn.

Do you know if there's any reason for this? It's plotted OK on your Pennine Cycleway guide.



bmmr 25

Bob Mansbidge Memorial Ride - suggested 25 mile version

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