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Stoke Bishop, BS9 through Wickwar to Hawkesbury Upton via Tytherington

18 Aug 2020
by wjhall
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From NW Bristol round across the Ladden Vale up to the Cotswold edge at Hawkesbury Upton monument, then through the Cotwold slope villages of Hawkesbury and Horton to return via Iron Acton and Frampton Cotterell to use the Gaunts Earthcott approach to the Severn Vale.

Quiet rural lanes and wide views W across Sodbury and Inglestone Commons, continuing surprisingly rural south of Iron Acton after just touching the edge of Yate. Typical limestone pasture on the edge and open wooded and scrubby common between Wickwar and Hawkesbury Upton. Medieval churches and village cores according to choice.

The Somerset monument and grounds are private, but the seat just across the road provides a place to sit and admire the view.

Short detour from Tytherington up to Tower Farm/Baden Hill reaches the three seats looking out across the Ladden Vale for a good picnic site, although motorway noise from the west can be surprisingly loud.

Probably the furthest south you can make a loop in the Ladden Vale without getting tangled in the satellite towns.

Generally quiet roads, the Easter Compton stretch, now 20 mph within the village and the short stretch of B4058 to Cromhall Common being the only main roads. The latter fast but wide and not heavily trafficked.

Chase Lane, Inglestone Common with the Cotswold edge and Somerset monument up ahead.

Scaffolders at work on Hawkesbury church

Looking NW over the Ladden Vale from the Cotswold slopes

The Cotswold slopes.