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Tagging a permanently closed ferry so CT avoids it?

12 Aug 2023
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The ferry across the Potomac River outside of Leesburg, Va. used to be a fun and useful way for cyclists to cross the river, but it has been closed for 3 years and there is no chance it'll reopen anytime soon, as there is a longstanding dispute between the owners of the land on either side of the river. Despite being tagged on OSM as "closed" for hours and "no" for all access types (cars, bikes, horses, pedestrians) it continues to be used by the routing software. Getting to this point on the Virginia side is not without a very bad traffic hazard, so it would be best to get the software to understand that the Ferry is gone. However, the OSM team won't allow that change, for some reason. Rourint systems on OSM itself avoid it, but still uses it. Maybe because it's tagged as part of a bike route? Or maybe it doesn't have the up to date tags on access?


Mon 14 Aug 2023, 19:47

It shouldn’t be tagged as route=ferry if it’s not a ferry any more! It also shouldn’t be in a bike route relation - that’s a bit of a conflict with bicycle=no and it’s not really predictable which will win out. If those two are fixed then c.t should stop routing across it from the next map update. 

Sat 30 Sep 2023, 19:10

I'll delete it since that is *supposed* to be the correct response in OSM to features that no longer exist, but I give it even odds that some nostalgic editor reverses that.