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[suggestion] Add notes to trip


Unless I missed it, it looks like there's currently no way to add a note to a ride, which would be useful to warn cyclists about dangerous roads, etc.


[suggestion] Add "Name" field to GPS download dialog


I have a suggestion for the Download dialog that is displayed after the user has clicked on the GPS button to download an unsaved route: Add a Name field, which will be used to name 1) the file (instead of the generic  cycle_travel.kml and 2) add the route in the <name>…</name> section in the file proper (and thus, will be displayed in the phone).

The alternative is to first save the route (and get a /123456 URL), but it's cumbersome for just a one-shot.


[suggestion] Select segment of a trip


To plan a multi-day trip, it's useful to be able to select part of a track with the mouse, to have an idea where eg. 100km would get us each day.

VisuGPX offers this feature provided the GPX has elevation infos in the file. Here's what it looks like:


[suggestion] Make it possible to import POIs from GPX file


Currently, to plan a trip, I start with a new map in Google My Maps to include sights/attractions, then open a new tab with  Cycle.Travel to try and build a route that will let me reach all those locations, and finally import the route into a new layer in GMM.

The reason I use C.T is that the router in GMM is terrible, and not particularly cycle-friendly.

It'd be great if C.T could import a GPX that contains POIs: It'd be a lot easier to draw a route in the same interface.

Even better if C.T could automatically build a route to go through all the POIs, leaving the user the opportunity to change the route pre-drawn by C.T.


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