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[suggestion] Compute energy required for trip


Unlike CT, BRouter doesn't show how steep a road is at such and such location, but it does compute how much energy is required for the whole trip. I suggest adding this feature, as it's especially useful when considering buying a cargo bike.


[suggestion] Support "cycleway:(left|right)=opposite_*"


I notice, along with OSRM and BRouter (and the OpenCycleMap map), ignores one-way streets with contraflow bicycle lanes/tracks that are tagged with either "cycleway:left=opposite_lane/track" or "cycleway:right=opposite_lane_/track". It only understands "cycleway=opposite_lane/track".

As a result, cyclists are made to take a long detour needlessly.

The cycleway:(left|right) key is especially easy to add since this is the tags Id uses by default when editing OSM through a browser (you have to manually edit it to remove the ":left|right" part). But then, contraflow lanes/tracks are pretty rare in OSM, possibly reflecting their rarity on the ground:

Here's an example in and OSRM (avenue Augustin Dumont is tagged with "cycleway:left=opposite_lane"):

This seems to me like a serious issue.


[suggestion] Add permalink to route


I suggest adding a Permalink somewhere when using /map so that users can share a route without having to 1) register and 2) save it. BRouter offers this, and it's pretty useful.

Even better: The URL should be short, so that it can be shared by eg. email without having to use a third-party like


Place Denfert-Rochereau - La Défense

En passant par le Pont de Puteaux puis la Passerelle Jean Moulin, soit La Défense par la face sud sans mettre pied à terre

[suggestion] Import waypoints to build route


When preparing a trip, I start by building a new map of things to see in Google My Maps (because its search engine is much better than OSM):

But since GMM's router is pathetic, I have to open a second tab where I'll use to build routes to reach all those waypoints, switching back and forth with (SHIFT+)CTRL+TAB. It does the job, but is a bit cumbersome.

My suggestion: Make it possible to upload a file (GPX or KML: GMM only exports as KML) as an alternative to an empty map to get started.


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