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[suggestion] Support "cycleway:(left|right)=opposite_*"

5 Jan 2019
by Winfried
in forum
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I notice, along with OSRM and BRouter (and the OpenCycleMap map), ignores one-way streets with contraflow bicycle lanes/tracks that are tagged with either "cycleway:left=opposite_lane/track" or "cycleway:right=opposite_lane_/track". It only understands "cycleway=opposite_lane/track".

As a result, cyclists are made to take a long detour needlessly.

The cycleway:(left|right) key is especially easy to add since this is the tags Id uses by default when editing OSM through a browser (you have to manually edit it to remove the ":left|right" part). But then, contraflow lanes/tracks are pretty rare in OSM, possibly reflecting their rarity on the ground:

Here's an example in and OSRM (avenue Augustin Dumont is tagged with "cycleway:left=opposite_lane"):

This seems to me like a serious issue.



Sat 5 Jan 2019, 11:55

Hmmm - does support cycleway:left and :right. It may be a specific tagging combination on these roads. I presume the tags were added before the most recent c.t routing update?

Sat 5 Jan 2019, 13:47

Good to know.

Turns out two tiny segments of that way had their contraflow incorrectly set to "cycleway:left=lane" instead of "cycleway:left=opposite_lane", which would explain why C.t and OSRM sent the cyclist around.

Thank you.

Sat 5 Jan 2019, 14:57

Whew! Thanks for checking Winfried. I wasn’t looking forward to re-examining that bit of code. :)