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It seems that only the small train stations are made visible on (in France at least)/

Here is an example: Vias is a tiny stop, and Agde is bigger. On OSM, the first is a "point", the other one (Agde) is a tagged building.


Massif de l'Aigoual from the west

XXL views for a memorable day out in the big outdoors!!

Fantastic loop for medium fit bikers. Experience all what rural France has to offer, far and away from the crowds. Gorgeous perched village, canyons, cool forests, idyllic pond with an opportunity to have a coffee out in the sun. This loop has it all. It's not even very hard because done clockwise, you'll mostly ride uphill in very low grade roads. Hardly any trafic on most of this loop. Good tarmac although not necessarily very flat. But who'd want to race on such a beautiful course anyway??

If you want a slightly more difficul variant, check out the "Lanuéjols variant" which will give event more variety of landscapes as it'll bring you to the causse Noir, a high plateau where you will most likely spot vultures flying above your head.

Lodève Causse Méridional Larzac

Cette route est très agréable mais elle monte pas mal.

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