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Which Garmin??

Tuesday 13 October
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I will preface this post by saying we have been using Cycle Travel for a few years and it is great!!

Saying that here is my question. We have been using it on our Garmin 800 which we have had since 2012. Starting to think about replacing it before it expires!

Which Garmin is most closely similar?



Wed 21 Oct, 09:20

Hi Kathy. I have had the Edge 530 for just over a year and I am really happy with it. I think it has most of the same features as the 800, but without the touchscreen. It displays routes accurately, loads quickly and gives you access to plenty of ride data. It has a bigger memory then the 800 so does not need the SD card. If a touchscreen is important to you, I am sure there are Edges that have 530 features plus a touchscreen.

I think your best approach might be to make a list of the features you want and then have a look through the various Garmin options. What seems to have happened since your 800 is that they have got faster and have more internal memory. My 530 loads routes very quickly.

Happy shopping.

Wed 21 Oct, 21:48

Garmin have so many different models I lose track, and for every one I’ve bought, I’ve regretted its functionality in some ways. So I think Martin is right that making a list of must-have features is the way to go.

Features you might want to think about:

  • Bluetooth (to my mind, this is essential for transferring routes easily)
  • Touchscreen vs buttons
  • USB charging vs traditional batteries
  • Memory (make sure there’s enough for the basemap you need)

I have a 520 (ok, but its memory is too small) and an Edge Touring (ok, but no Bluetooth). If I had to buy again I’d probably go for a 530 or an Edge Explore.

Thu 22 Oct, 02:15

Thanks for your help!!