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Elevation error

Hi Richard, 

I have just noticed looking at one of my journeys I created a few months ago some strange anomalies on the elevation view. It used to be OK before but now there are a few spikes that do not match anything on the ground as far as I can tell.

KML2.2 format of KML files

When using the "Download for GPS->KML (Google Earth)" option it formats the file as KML2.0, however I am tying to use the file in an Android app that only accepts files in the KML2.2 format, is it possible to change your output ?.

Truncation of GPX file names

Is there any reason why the downloaded GPX file names are truncated eg. saved route called "Comps sur Artuby to Bauden" ends up as "Comps_sur_Artb.gpx", not a big deal as I can rename, just wondered ?.

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