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Moira, NW Leicestershire

Hi Richard

Could you please add Moira, NW Leicestershire to the "City" list? I know there are listed towns close by, however it is specifically Moira that is at the Heart of the New National Forest, has the YHA and the Hicks Lodge cycling centre.



Supporter feedback

I noticed the supporter function the other day and signed up as coffee.

The pertinent feedback is that I'd begun to sign up as cake but was deterred from doing so by the mention of the possibility of an uncertain currency charge (I may have got the wording wrong, but I expect you'll know what I mean). I imagine you have good reasons for choosing a USD based system however expect that if I've hesitated, then others will. I'm not complaining, just trying to give helpful feedback. If it's possible, perhaps some indicative values of charges may help with confidence.

Once I have some knowledge about what charges paypal impose, I'll consider upgrading to my original intent.

Please do keep up the good work.


Is it possible to see the OSM grid in the C.T map pls?

Hi Richard

Pretty much as the title really.

It would be really helpful to be able to view the OSM grid on the C.T map whilst planning routes to bag Veloviewer squares. Is this possible at present via a setting or workaround please? If not, please consider adding it to the list of enhancement requests - I bet there is one!

The process I have to use now involves printing off a VV map, drawing the squares in pen in the blank areas, then juggling between C.T, VV and my bit of paper. Lack of such rigour can result in missed squares and a return visit - not the end of the world I suppose.

I've indicated below that the post is about one of my saved journeys, although it applies to several. I've named an example so you can see the intricacy of routes needed  to capture clusters of squares.

If you're not aware of the pursuit of VV squares, the link below explains. For me, the motivation is to visit new places and new lanes. I've made some delightful discoveries along the way.

Thanks, Graham

Edited to add, I just noticed in the link above that VV shows the grid at a zoom level of 14. It's implicit in my request that the grids in C.T and VV be equivalent.


I'd like to say a big thank-you to Richard for his work on I've been using it for over a year now and had sufficient confidence to use it as my route planner for the LEJOG trip I completed a couple of days ago. I decided on a few key points and let route between them, manually applying a few waypoints as needed. I was delighted with the route produced. I would be happy to donate. My reading indicates no facility to do that - but positive publicity is requested - this I will be doing.


Tips sought for editing of routes

Sometimes I want to edit a route I've made, and I just end up in a muddle. The easiest way to explain is with pictures, so in my "before" file, I wish to remove the loop with waymark 14 and send the route down NCR 52, but I just end up in a mess with spurious spurs and loops as the "after" file shows. I'm sure its operator error on my part.

Could somebody please explain how to graphically edit routes properly please?

Thanks, Graham

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