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Routing problem help sought

23 Apr 2021
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Hello Richard

I'm putting together  route through Warwickshire and c.t will not route through a particular point. I've had a look in the OSM and am not able to identify anything wrong, perhaps you could have a look please? If you are able to fix it, and it's something I could have done if I'd had the requisite knowledge, some pointers would be appreciated.

I'd like to route from Frankton to Birdingby. I've created a test route and have moved the start and end points to show the section through which routing is not possible. It seems to be where the footpath comes in from the North.

Thanks, Graham


Sat 24 Apr 2021, 13:03

It looks like someone had mapped a stile in OSM but had erroneously put it on the path/road junction, rather than just on the path. won’t route over stiles. It’s since been fixed so should be back to normal after the next routing update.

Sat 24 Apr 2021, 21:22