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Sub folders

10 May 2021
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Just a comment that sub folders for saved routes would be dead handy please. As I create more routes, the current flat structure is a bit inelegant.




Mon 10 May 2021, 20:06

There is an option to create folders,  and place routes in them.

On the Journeys page of your profile, they can be added using the ADD link shown on right hand side.

Apologies if you already knew that, and are suggesting adding folders within folders

Mon 10 May 2021, 20:52

Thanks Mick. It is folders within folders I am hoping may be possible.

Wed 12 May 2021, 10:47

And whilst we are talking about folders......when you add a folder it would be nice if it was added at the top of the list instead of the bottom. You are more likely to be accessing this folder rather than one created years ago and it saves scrolling down.

The sub folder idea would also enable you to possibly create an archive ie folders that you want to keep but not reference regularly