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Privacy box


Not sure if this is technically possible and was just a thought as a possible feature.

When creating a route, especially one to/from work or a home or round trip with same start/end point, to have an option to create a privacy box that hides the route inside the box, so the start/end points do not show peoples homes, and only the creator can see the route and GPX download is unaffected for creator

I appreciate you can choose to make the route private, but only after you save the route

Eurovelo Route + numbers on UK maps!


Is it me, just having missed them, or as part of a recent update have the Eurovelo Route numbers just appeared on the UK map (maybe whole of Europe too). eg EV12 as 12 inside an EU flag

I just noticed this when planning a route from Kings Lynn and using part of National Cycle Route 1 which the EV12 follows for some way

Suggestion re Journeys and Folders

Hi, I have a small suggestion re Journeys and Folders.

Probably like many others I have many round trip routes starting and ending  near my home / place of work.

I then place these into different folders to suit type of routes, type of bike  and distances.

While each individual route can be made private, would it be possible to create multiple routes, then move them into a folder which can be made private with one click and then all routes in that folder would be private.

Paths & roads + Paved only Options

Many thanks for the addition to choose route based on preference for either paths & roads or paved only.

This option has made an great product better when planning routes suited to the type of bike we are riding

Suggest a Ride issue


I noted their was a issue with Round Trip, that was resolved, but there appears to be an issue with 'Suggest a Ride' option too.

Previously, I could tweak it by clicking on the route and dragging to where I preferred it, or even add a waypoint and drag it across to where required, this is no longer possible.

I can use the Round Trip option without problems.

Thanks in advance for any help

ps this is still the easiest and most intuitive of all to use with many great user friendly options

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