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Privacy box

21 May 2020
by Mick
in forum
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Not sure if this is technically possible and was just a thought as a possible feature.

When creating a route, especially one to/from work or a home or round trip with same start/end point, to have an option to create a privacy box that hides the route inside the box, so the start/end points do not show peoples homes, and only the creator can see the route and GPX download is unaffected for creator

I appreciate you can choose to make the route private, but only after you save the route


Thu 21 May 2020, 13:06

There’s a tickbox to make the route private when you save a route now – does that do the job?

Thu 21 May 2020, 22:32


Many thanks for prompt response to this

Sun 26 Jun, 21:52

I'm trying to find how to make my routes private.  I know I've done it in the past but can't see that option on the Save box now