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Download options "greyed out"

15 Feb 2021
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Hi. I usually create a ride on my desktop computer and save it. Then open on my iPhone 5s and create a .tcx course file, that I then sync with my Wahoo Elemnt Roam.

Today I couldn't select .tcx course and when I looked closer, see that option is sort of "greyed out" on the phone. The radio dot isn't full circle, see screen shot. This is a "something changed" condition.

I managed in the end by creating the .tcx course file on my desktop and emailing it.

Would you mind having a look at this please? It's not a showstopper however would be more inconvenient without access to a desktop PC as when away from home on tour. And if something is broken, who knows what the next manifestation will be ?-)


Mon 15 Feb 2021, 11:05

Ah, yes. TCX courses (and GPX routes) have the turn-by-turn instructions in them. If you plan a long route, then doesn’t automatically generate the instructions. So if there are no instructions, we can’t do a TCX.

The solution is to open the journey in the map, and get the TCX from there. It’s only on the user journeys page where this happens (because that doesn’t know how to generate instructions).

I should probably put something in here that sends you over to the map and loads the instructions when this happens!

Wed 17 Feb 2021, 20:37

Thanks Richard. I worked it out from your response, and trialled it OK.