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Which Garmin??

I will preface this post by saying we have been using Cycle Travel for a few years and it is great!!

Saying that here is my question. We have been using it on our Garmin 800 which we have had since 2012. Starting to think about replacing it before it expires!

Which Garmin is most closely similar?


New Garmin info?????


You teased us last week that some new Garmin downloading info was coming!!

Waiting we with baited breath!



I believe I asked about having my tablet show just map and you mention using the "mobile" site. It seemed to work but now it doesn't. Is starts out correct but when I look up a Journey it reverts to the regular screen.




Started doing some route planning but no towns are showing up on a route.

Is the info not available?

Android phone-Am I missing something??

Today I had a few moments and was playing with Cycle Travel on my phone. Am I missing something because I don't seem to have all the options. Paths and Roads or Roads only does not show. Can't remember what else.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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