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Salleles d'Aude. St Laurent by Sharron Schulz
Carcassonne. Salleles d'Aude by Sharron Schulz
Sorèze. Carrcassonne by Sharron Schulz
carlisle carnforth by Geoffrey Bright
ardrossan-carlisle by Geoffrey Bright
jog-ardrossan by Geoffrey Bright
2019 Oporto4 Hinojosa-Pocinho by Jose Miret Rios
Castres. Soreze by Sharron Schulz
2019 Oporto5 Pinhao-Cinfaes by Jose Miret Rios
Graulhet. Castres by Sharron Schulz

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Routes in Slovakia??

So would anyone here have some routes they have traveled in Slovakia?? Wondering if you might share them!!??


Road type icons??

When a route is created what do the different "icons" if road types mean? Thanks!

Address to Address?

Is it possible to route from one address to another?



Under Hotels and Campsite. What does that mean?

How to add more cities??

For instance. I plan a route from Tallinn, Estonia to Riga,Latvia the I want to go from Riga to say Krakow,Poland. It does not seem to let me do it. Is this function even possible?


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