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Piercebridge to Thorp Park by Peter Knowles
Rochefort to St. Gilles-Croix de Vie by kbatycki
D9 Aulla Pisa 93k by David Lee
TPRNo2 by Guignol
D7 Marone Fidenza 124k by David Lee
D8 Fidenza Aulla 112k by David Lee
D7 Marone Fidenza 124k by David Lee
701cool by nicolas
D6 Bormio Marone 120k by David Lee
D5 Algund Lagando Bormio 99k by David Lee

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Net Book ??


Will Cycle Travel work on a netbook?

We continue to recommend!!!

Richard,We continue to talk up your site as we meet different cyclists! This morning in Freudenberg, Germany we told 2 Dutch guys about it. They were thrilled!!

Android!! Please!!


We are looking forward to Android use! Today while in southern Czech we wanted bro find a route and see the elevation Profile. As we have been doing so much climbing.


Elevation Profile problem!

Yesterday the above stopped working on our devices.

Hotel/Lodging icon change?

Did the icons change? If so I was wondering why.


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