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When will the map next update?

Tuesday 26 March
by mjray
in forum
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When will the map next update? the date on which we last updated the data says it'll update once a month and was last done on 12 Feb, but it's now well past 12 Mar...


Wed 27 Mar, 11:57

It should be in the next week. I'm working on a handful of improvements to the turn detection logic and want to finish them off before running the update!

Wed 3 Apr, 11:09

Quick update: I've finished the main changes to the turn detection code (and tested it across London) so should be kicking this off in the next couple of days.

Sun 14 Apr, 22:04

Monthly is too infrequent, bimonthly is hopeless.  I've been waiting to correct a route up NCN 818 since mid Feb and after waiting 10 weeks for an update it still won't route.  Is there going to be another update before June?

I really do not understand why updates cannot be a weekly scripted run.  Delaying and delaying to get the latest feature in is only helpful if a user is waiting for a new feature.  Given that new features are not announced in advance that is highly unlikely to ever be the case.

Sorry Richard, NCN 818 has put me in a bad mood.  You're new turn by turn only (no map) PDF is brilliant.  I used it for an 80km ride recently and your turn instructions were excellent all the way round.

Mon 15 Apr, 14:12

Because money. Preparing the routing takes three plus days of computing on a server with 128GB RAM. If you’re prepared to pay Hetzner £100/month for that server, great, we can have weekly updates. Otherwise I need to do what I do at present, which is run it on a donated server in my office at home. Given the server makes so much noise I can’t easily do any paying work while it’s running, I can’t really afford to wipe out half my working week. 

The routing was last updated the other week or so, so if your NCN 818 update from February isn’t showing up, there’s another reason - what did you edit?

Mon 15 Apr, 17:04

There seems to be a OSM issue with this route, even though Sustrans says it is OK (if somewhat rough), needs someone to check the route on the ground and correct issue on OSM. Apologises if I am in the wrong place. OSM issue:-

Thu 18 Apr, 20:03

Yep, someone’s added mtb:scale=2 to the route in OSM which means “demanding mountain biking”, and won’t route across any such way. It looks like slightly hyperbolic tagging to be honest – it’s a rough track but not that rough.

Fri 19 Apr, 16:00


These scale based tags such as mtb:scale are always subjective & as you point out, often exaggerated.

From the images I struggle to discern the differences. To me, they're all 'I'm not riding that, I'm getting off & pushing'
Would this site be hindered if it ignored such tags using a combination of surface &/or steepness?

Tue 11 Jun, 12:49

Hi Richard,

I've just discovered the 'direct to waypoint' option which solves the NCN818 problem.  I know the track, last June it was very eroded.  The two lines of concrete were fine but there was a deep gulley between them.  Quite tricky to stay on the concrete up such a steep incline but it would be a doddle downhill.  I'll review the tags after this coming weekend.

The direct to waypoint option is also useful for eliminating the overshoots when you put a U-turn in the route.

Out of interest, what processors does your server have?



Sun 30 Jun, 21:28

Forgive me for maybe posting in the wrong thread but the new post button and the search feature both seem not to be working.

1.  If I make a change in OSM today, how long till it gets incorporated?

2.  It seemed like was not routing on an obvious route because there was no bicycle tag. By changing the tag to bicycle=yes, will it now utilize this route?

Thu 18 Jul, 11:18

1. somewhere between a few days and about 6-8 weeks, depending on what point in the update cycle we are.

2. probably, but it depends on what other tags are on the route and the nodes along it (c.t won't route through locked gates, for example).

Thu 18 Jul, 15:28

The latest routing update is just uploading so it should be a few hours now.

Fri 19 Jul, 09:24

Europe up now, North America later today.