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One way gate?

I can only route one way through this gate:

Any reason why?  There's no one way tag on it.

Default speed

Hi Richard,

There seems to be something amiss with the default speed function (set in my profile).  I'm preparing for a 166 km Audax with a minimum speed of 9kph and a cutoff time of 18hr 25min.  If I vary my default speed the duration on screen changes but is not correct, set to 9kph the duration is 23hr 16 mins (that time would be 7.1kph).  At 15kph the duration shown is 13hr 58 min, it should be just over 11 hours.  Setting my default speed to 11.4kph gets the duration shown on screen right.

In a downloaded TCX the time between the first and last trackpoints is always 11hr 20min, just over 14.6 kph.  Should this be varying with my default setting?



Tunnel/altitude oddity

Hi Richard,

Have a look at the altitude profile for this journey:

At the tunnel under the waypoint the profile goes over the top of the mountain.  Now reverse the route, the peak has disappeared, the altitude profile goes through the tunnel.  There's nothing obvious about the tunnel on OSM that might be the cause, there's a similar tunnel with the same tags 1km East on that route that is correctly profiled in either direction.



Cambrian series 2B

Cambrian audax series 2B, Chepstow start & anticlockwise.  See:

Thank you

I'm quick enough to speak when I see something wrong so let me balance that a bit by saying thank you for the map update that is in progress.  I've not submitted a single map correction since October, I'll not be so lax this time.

Cheers Richard

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