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android phone for nav

Saturday 27 February
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I recently got a new phone making my old one redundant, I always used my old phone for cycle navigation with in conjunction with which works really well but does not give turn by turn instructions, i had planned to use my new phone in the same way. However rather than leave my old phone to retirement in a drawer somewhere I could use it as a stand alone cycle computer, and leave my new phone in my pocket, its waterproof to Ip68, the battery lasts all day for nav, so apart from is there any other software i should be installing on my old phone to use as cycle computer? also is there any software i could put on to get turn by turn instructions with


Mon 1 Mar, 05:28

Osmand is probably what you want.

It works offline (once you've downloaded the appropriate maps), gives turn by turn and voice instructions. It plans routes (not as good as so it can be used as an emergency planner as well as reading's routes.

It's not the easiest interface but it is worth persevering with. The first few maps are free so you can test it locally. Worldwide maps are not expensive.

Good luck!

Mon 1 Mar, 20:19

Osmand is a great suggestion. There should be a dedicated Android app later this year too.

Tue 2 Mar, 15:44

Great thank you for the replies, I have Osmand installed. Do the turn by turn instructions work via GPX files or some other format

Tue 2 Mar, 15:45

Also I will look forward to the android app appearing.... Thanks Richard

Tue 2 Mar, 20:31

App. Yippee!!!!

Mon 15 Mar, 11:20

hello I used , on my phone, Osmand for a long time: it's very easy; I configure maps with gpx tracks from CT. thanks to CT

andré H. (France)

Fri 16 Apr, 09:26

Slight thread hijack (my post didn’t get any replies!) 

What is the best way with iOS (iPhone) to do this?

I have my pandemic pedal (LEJoG) starting in just over 4 weeks, & I still don’t know how to easily create routes on just an iPhone!!  Easy with the Mac...& all routes are saved to offline Dropbox, so uploading should be straightforward....but it would be nice to be able to manage the process from just the phone, should the need arise!

Fri 16 Apr, 09:27

(maybe getting to grips with OsmAnd is needed for me too!)

Fri 16 Apr, 12:08

mikejow I have an iphone 5s and can create, edit and save routes using in safari. I usually use a desktop, however have just completed an exercise, here it is. I'm doing this post on a desktop linux box, however the route was created and saved on the phone. The route was created by selecting a start point on the map, and typing in the destination. Zoom in with finger and thumb "gestures". Create waypoints by press and hold the screen. Move waypoints by a short press, hold and move.

Sat 17 Apr, 07:21

Ha!  My pressing, holding and dragging skills needed that nudge 🤪....yes, it kinda does work👍  Thanks