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Can I just share a subset of routes?

Just wondering whether it is possible to just share a subfolder of routes with people
(eg -
I tried sharing it to check, but the recipient essentially sees all my other routes as well.
Not massively important, but could be useful!

Wahoo - recommendation for TCX disappeared!?

I have used & my Roam quite a lot.....& recently noticed that when exporting my mapping, the recommendation comment on "more download options" no longer mentions the Wahoo

Is there a reason for this?   

I have still been using TCX, and I noticed (saw another thread) that the turn notification has re-started working (it stopped for my entire LEJoG, but wasn't a desperate issue - it changed then to just telling me the miles to next junction as the distance to the end of the ride, which actually worked okay for that, & I didn't mss many junctions!)

Map shifts when I click the elevation button

I am in the final throes of planning my LEJoG (start next week!)
For day 3, my journey looks good....but when I click the elevation icon, the route suddenly extends from the start of Day 3 to my house (210 miles instead of the planned 60 !!)

I will re-do the journey, but wondering if there is any known reason this might happen!
(I recall reading that I need to click that for the .tcx to have correct information for my Wahoo Roam - & as an aside, I see there is still no direct way to move data to Wahoo)

*possible* mapping discrepancy

Planning LEJoG, with a Scottish portion with some pals.

They use RideWithGPS, and it came up with this route off the A9 new Newmill Farm just north of Perth resolutely refuses to allow a left turn there!
google maps does show some serious roadworks on street view:

Anyone got ideas on how to find what the real truth is this?!


How to edit routes on iPhone

I’ve always used my Mac so far for much planning...

Now trying on the phone (which will be all I have on LEJOG to use!)

Struggling to be able to drag routes, or even reverse them (local circular for this weekend)

What is the preferred browser, & how DO you click on a route to drag a point like I can on a computer?

Doesn’t work with Brave or Safari


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