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*possible* mapping discrepancy

Planning LEJoG, with a Scottish portion with some pals.

They use RideWithGPS, and it came up with this route off the A9 new Newmill Farm just north of Perth resolutely refuses to allow a left turn there!
google maps does show some serious roadworks on street view:

Anyone got ideas on how to find what the real truth is this?!


How to edit routes on iPhone

I’ve always used my Mac so far for much planning...

Now trying on the phone (which will be all I have on LEJOG to use!)

Struggling to be able to drag routes, or even reverse them (local circular for this weekend)

What is the preferred browser, & how DO you click on a route to drag a point like I can on a computer?

Doesn’t work with Brave or Safari


Just a mapping curiosity?

Looking closer at planning my LEJoG (turned from a 'gentle LEJoG' into a 'Pressured PandemicPedal' owing to the May Govt timelines.....need to get more into the detail!

I came across this section:

I know the area a little, & wonder why the default choice doesn't hop left across the river in Dent to then follow cycle path 68.
I know it isn't exactly a busy city (!), but I would expect more vans/campers/caravans (traffic in general!) on the road north of the river. 

Any thoughts on the hidden logic?

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