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I love this about CT

There are a whole load of features on CT to help us plan a great bike tour but there is also a feature that we can use to look back on a great bike tour.....

If we organise our routes in one folder, we can display them on a map like this....

But..... we can also change the map..... like this.....

Or even ......

(Sorry for taking up the server space!)

Test description

This is a test note

I can access it anytime under "my posts"

I can edit it too at anytime by going to my posts

Faulty elevation

Hi again, Richard.

On this route (and a couple of others the past few days) I am getting crazy elevation numbers on my Wahoo Roam after importing the route as a tcx file.

The actual elevation is about +3600m but when I import the TCX file into the Elemnt App it shows almost +13,000 meters! (That transfers to the unit).

If I use Komoot to plot the route the elevation is normal, if I import the TCX file into Komoot the elevation is normal. If I import the GPX file into the Elemnt App the elevation is normal. 

I don't know if this is a CT thing (up to now all TCX files have been bang on for elevation) or if I have finally driven by poor GPS unit around the bend :-)

Anyways, I thought I should bring it up

Elevation Data & Display

Hi Richard,

I've noticed that when planning a route and using the display elevation tab the colours (indicating gradient) only change when I go to download the route. It can lead to a few shocks! :-) I'm not a fan of the red! 

Even if I close the route and reopen it, it does not show the colours. It's not a biggy.

On the same subject, is it possible to have an option to "always display elevation"? in "my settings" as an example. Sometimes I open a premade route and download it forgetting to show the elevation profile with the result that my gpx/tcx doesn't have the data. (Using an android phone, by the way). Again, not a Biggie.

Finally, the Biggie! Is it possible to use a breakdown like Osmand and display the distance at say at 0-4%, 4-8% etc. Currently, I just see the maximum gradient which doesn't really give an indication of the whole route. 

Many, many thanks.


Permission Denied to show location

Hola, Richard

I'm delighted to be back using my favourite cycle planner but am having an issue trying to choose "my location" on the map.

Using Chrome, I've activated the location permission, rebooted etc but if I try to select "use my current position" I am told permission is denied.

I can change the approximate location in Cycle.Travel but not my actual position.

I only have Chrome at the moment so cannot test out on another browser.

If you've any suggestions I'd love to hear!

Many thanks,


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