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jonk- mal by Ferlahuert
stock-jonk by Ferlahuert
stock-Jomk-Mal- by Ferlahuert
rollright stones by Barbora Sojkova
wayland's smithy and white horse by Barbora Sojkova
Ergolding 4 by Gottfried Mardascew
Ergolding 3 by Gottfried Mardascew
36M from home by Graham Banks
Edenbridge - Megan by Peter Lennox
Idar by Waarderpolcer

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Cheeky enquiry about future expansion?

Hi, I don't mean to seem ungrateful but I'm curious if you have plans to expand the geographical scope of 

Displaying multiple routes on one map

I've recently discovered the ability to display different routes on the map screen which is brilliant!!

My question there a limit to the number of routes that can be displayed?

Many thanks

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