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App users!! Phone holder recommendation please

I've been unable to properly dig into the app. First of all it was too hot :-) and my phone overheated. I picked up a cheap holder on the road but it's rubbish. I'm not going to use a phone on the handlebars regularly but would like to give the app a good run out so can anyone recommend a decent, secure holder for an android phone, preferably one that is adjustable for different phones. Security of the phone on the bike (I like the rougher stuff) is more important than being able to easily remove the holder. I don't want to spend a fortune - money is tight and I much prefer my gps unit - but I do want to play with the app.

Many thanks in advance. 

Download options inconsistency

Hi Richard, I've just noticed something and thought I'd bring it to your attention.

On the "my Journeys" page if I wish to download the GPX/TCX file I normally use the Download icon, then select "More Download Options"and choose the option I want. However, now I see that two options are "greyed out" (GPX route, small file etc. & TCX course).

If I open the map and try to download from the map then all options are open to me.

Strangely, I don't have this issue with older files - it seems (and I may be wrong) to only affect newer routes. Checking a route created in December (22) can be downloaded as "normal" but a route created in January (23) has the greyed out options.

This applies to my android phone and Chromebook, both running Chrome.

This is not a big deal for me because I can still download my preferred option (TCX course) from the map screen but it may be confusing or frustrating for some users.

As always, my gratitude for such a great tool

I love this about CT

There are a whole load of features on CT to help us plan a great bike tour but there is also a feature that we can use to look back on a great bike tour.....

If we organise our routes in one folder, we can display them on a map like this....

But..... we can also change the map..... like this.....

Or even ......

(Sorry for taking up the server space!)

Test description

This is a test note

I can access it anytime under "my posts"

I can edit it too at anytime by going to my posts

Faulty elevation

Hi again, Richard.

On this route (and a couple of others the past few days) I am getting crazy elevation numbers on my Wahoo Roam after importing the route as a tcx file.

The actual elevation is about +3600m but when I import the TCX file into the Elemnt App it shows almost +13,000 meters! (That transfers to the unit).

If I use Komoot to plot the route the elevation is normal, if I import the TCX file into Komoot the elevation is normal. If I import the GPX file into the Elemnt App the elevation is normal. 

I don't know if this is a CT thing (up to now all TCX files have been bang on for elevation) or if I have finally driven by poor GPS unit around the bend :-)

Anyways, I thought I should bring it up

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