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Permission Denied to show location

Hola, Richard

I'm delighted to be back using my favourite cycle planner but am having an issue trying to choose "my location" on the map.

Using Chrome, I've activated the location permission, rebooted etc but if I try to select "use my current position" I am told permission is denied.

I can change the approximate location in Cycle.Travel but not my actual position.

I only have Chrome at the moment so cannot test out on another browser.

If you've any suggestions I'd love to hear!

Many thanks,



Hi Richard,

Would it be helpful to add a "report post" function to help eliminate the spam? Sorry! Don't mean to add to your workload a little slow?

Hi Richard, just wondering if something is going on? I'm finding C.T. very slow to load and to plot anything. For instance, I can add a via point but it usually doesn't appear, or if it does, is slow to be moved. 

This is happening on an android phone and tablet.

Internet connection is unusually strong and other apps/internet sites are working as normal.

Absolutely not a complaint, just a genuine question.

Many thanks!  

Cheeky enquiry about future expansion?

Hi, I don't mean to seem ungrateful but I'm curious if you have plans to expand the geographical scope of 

Displaying multiple routes on one map

I've recently discovered the ability to display different routes on the map screen which is brilliant!!

My question there a limit to the number of routes that can be displayed?

Many thanks

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