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logins broken

25 May 2015
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This morning, on going to this website as usual, I find I am not myself.

The account I find myself in is also a Facebook one, and coincidentally also belongs to a tandem rider.

I wonder how I get back to my own saved routes :-(


Mon 25 May 2015, 08:37

I cleared all the cookies from my browser, logged in to Facebook, and then here, and am myself again.

Mon 25 May 2015, 08:43

but two minutes later I seem to be David again:-(

Mon 25 May 2015, 08:57

swapped computer, but still after a minute or so I am David :-(

Mon 25 May 2015, 09:03

I can log out, but a minute later I am David again.

Mon 25 May 2015, 15:10

Now I seem to be logged out as soon as I go to the map :-(

Mon 25 May 2015, 15:19

Definitely something weird going on. I'm investigating...

Mon 25 May 2015, 19:48

I think I've nailed this down (an edge case that showed up when a lot of people were logging on at the same time... nice problem to have!). Let me know if there are still problems.

Mon 25 May 2015, 20:38

thanks, looks good now

nice that use is growing then :-)

Wed 27 May 2015, 10:36

Still not working.  I can log in but get logged out pretty much straight away.  EG if I open one of my routes and make a small edit and hit save the change will not be saved because I've been logged out.

Here's hoping I've not been logged out typing this!

Wed 27 May 2015, 18:57

I may be experiencing similar problems. I get a login prompt on the "My [Bicycle]" link as usual, and log in. Things work for a bit and I can e.g. see may saved routes, but then it seem I'm silently logged out -- saving an edited route doesn't work (even though I get the box I'd expect with the options of using the current name or a new name, the change doesn't stick), and  clicking "My [Bicycle]" gives another login prompt.

Thu 28 May 2015, 10:32

Hm. Sorry for the hassle. I’ve tweaked it a bit more just now – any further issues?

Thu 28 May 2015, 10:40

Thanks Richard, working again for me ( login).

Fri 29 May 2015, 17:00

Logins are broken again.  Login, go to route, download a tcx, close route and I'm shown the list of new route options not the expected list of my routes.

Sat 30 May 2015, 17:03

Yes I keep finding I'm logged out - twice now I've spent ages tweaking a route, Clicked save button, given it a name and found myself at the login screen with the route vanished never to be seen again!

Mon 1 Jun 2015, 08:19

Still trying to track this one down - will post any updates here.

Mon 1 Jun 2015, 11:16

It's proving a very difficult one to track down as it's intermittent - restarting the website fixes it, but since I need to restart the website every time the code changes anyway, it's difficult to know whether any fix I make has cured it or not!

I've just pushed another couple of potential fixes to the site - let's see if this changes it.

Mon 1 Jun 2015, 15:54

I'm still being booted out on pretty much every visit :(

Mon 1 Jun 2015, 19:52

To say that tracking this one down is proving frustrating would be understating it…! (For those of a technical bent: it appears to be resetting cookies whenever an AJAX response is made, but restarting the site fixes it for a few hours.) I’m still working on potential fixes. Sorry again for the hassle.

Tue 2 Jun 2015, 17:00

Has anyone encountered the issue so far today? It’s been working for me and I’m guardedly optimistic that the fixes I made last night might have worked…

Tue 2 Jun 2015, 19:15

I seem to be myself so far today.

Tue 2 Jun 2015, 19:49

Hi, this helps solve a mystery for me (the real David Miller, tandem rider). I logged into the site yesterday and discovered a route from "OS to Hull" in my Journeys. "Funny," I thought, "I don't remember any special desire to go to Hull …"

But to switch topics in mid-stream (and metaphors at the same time), my thanks again to you, Richard, for the route planner. We're just back in Canada after a wonderful 1060 mile English tour that your web-site made so much easier. Indeed, when we had a glitch in our Sat Nav on day one of the trip and lost all our recorded tracks (and could'nt get them back with a switch to a back-up memory card!), and a lap-top computer made our tour possible. 

Tue 2 Jun 2015, 20:53

That's lovely to hear - thank you! And hopefully I might have some news about the site later this week which you'll like...

And I'm very relieved that the logins appear to be working again. (For those of a technical bent: we weren't setting a Content-Length header on AJAX responses, which appears to have triggered an overrun; setting it has made everything ok again.)

Wed 3 Jun 2015, 07:34

I left myself logged in overnight and hit save on a small change this morning, all good thanks Richard.