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Car Park abutting road causes "Continue on (unnamed route)" in route description

See the route at

In two places, the route description says "Continue on (unnamed route)" for a short section. Both cases correspond to a section of road that has an adjacent parking area, where the OSM data has the car-park boundary sharing nodes with the road. I presume C.T is routing through the car-park in preference to the road, and thus not finding a road name.

While I'm not sure the data is 100% correct (the car park doesn't go to the road centreline) it's probably a reasonable representation of the fact that the car-park is open to the road along a finite length. I think this representation is used fairly frequently in OSM, so probably C.T should probably try to handle this situation a bit better.

Export GPX Route rather than trackpoints?

The GPX export you have is really good as it seems to make an exceppent compromise between having too many points (my device would be constantly beeping, and it has a limit of 250 points per route) and not enough (so it wouldn't capture the turns in the route properly).

However, to use the GPX file for navigation on my Garmin GPS60, I need the route to be a GPX "Route" rather than a sequence of track-points. I can do the conversion from the file I export from using GPSBabel, but it would be more convenient if you also offered a direct GPX Route export. I think it would also be more logical to provide the data in this format, as it's a route that's being described.

So would it be possible for you to add a "GPX Route" export option, in addition to the current "GPX Track" one?

Initial map view for saved journeys when logged in

Can I ask how the initial map display (zoom and location) is set for saved journeys? Mostly, it seems to work nicely, in that the saved route is nicely aligned in the middle of the window with a suitable zoom set so the whole route can be seen.

However, for various routes that start near my home postcode, the map don't seem to locate and zoom properly when I'm logged in. They work fine when I'm not though. e.g. and . Both seem to leave the map set on a default zoom centred on my postcode.

This seems to only affect routes where the start/finish are visible on the initial default view, and zooming out is required. For instance, (where the route is short and the map zooms in) works fine, even if I'm logged in.

Routing Database Updates

I was just wondering how often you update the routing database. I made some edits on OpenStreetMap around the 8th December last year, and I don't think they're showing up yet. I'd expect the route at should go east and then south and then cross the A11 using the underpass -- unless there's an error in my OSM edits. From the route shown it looks to be using old OSM data.

Just over a month isn't a particularly bad lag, but perhaps it would be good to have a "Routing Database Last Updated" date shown somewhere on the site, to help with diagnosing any issues. Apologies if there is already and I've missed it.

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