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Disappearing u-turns

If I choose allow u-turn on a route (usually to create a short side-spur part way along a side road to a cafe & back!) without the elevation open, CT will often (but doesn't seem to be always) forget the u-turns when the elevation is subsequently opened (sometimes spontaneously when sending the route to Garmin Connect). I first encountered it sending a route to GC & thought it was a Garmin routing problem but found I could get it to happen entirely in CT simply by opening the elevation. If I create the u-turn with the elevation open it seems more likely to survive closing & re-opening the elevation.

Map zoom/rendering oddity

I was contemplating routes between the Chester area & the Camping & Caravan Club site NW of Bala and encountered the following.

I found it on the A5 west of Corwen, between Maerdy & Dinmael (I've no idea if it occurs elsewhere). If I view the map so the little scale bar in the top right corner of the map says 1000ft there is a minor road shown leading NE from near Maerdy, just North of the A5, joining up with other minor roads passing N of Dinmael. If I zoom in one level (500ft on the scale bar) that minor road disappears from view, only to reappear when the map is zoomed in again (300ft). will quite happily route along the road at the "500ft" zoom even though it isn't visible so it "knows" it is there. Is it simply a rendering problem? Or a mapping problem with that particular minor road?

Strange routing of u-turns

The routing can do strange things if you want to, say, go up a side road for a cafe stop then retrace your steps back to the main route. Here is an example - I was trying to plot a GPS route for an organised ride this coming weekend.

Here is the "direct" route for a small section - the points are on the route being used into & out of the village.

If I try to add in the location of where the organisers have kindly laid on refreshments, at point 1, I get

Instead of taking me straight back to the original route it takes me some way further on, then onto a footpath to another road, does a u-turn there, back along the footpath before finally putting me back on the road and past where I just stopped.

I've noticed previously that trying to add in a small detour the route will sometimes take me up to a mile further up the road before doing the turn-around. (It is usually at this sort of point I just use the route for reference & manually replot it on to get a usable GPS file :-S)

Saved Routes & City Guides

Am I missing something?

I can't see a way to add a route I've already plotted & saved - Preston Guild Wheel (, which is a signed circular route round the edge of the city - to a City Guide (in this case Preston). If it isn't possible to add it as a user, please feel free to copy it across as Admin but it would be useful to be able to add already saved routes.


OSM editing advice & a request

My OSM editing skills aren't that great (I've only done a few minor changes to date) so, could someone advise how best to edit a short section in Chester, where the north end of Dee Lane meets the A51, to allow routing (& others) to use the short section of shared use path to the crossing to get across the A51. Other vehicles have to turn left onto the dual carriageway but the shared path allows cycles to turn right to access the crossing (technically by using the shared path on the left then turning right across Dee Lane, although I always just turn right off the road). Here is a Google StreetView link that may be clearer than my explanation. Currently routing takes you left & round a busy multilane roundabout to get toi the other side of the A51.

The request is linked - an option to override routing (similar to BikeHike's "follow road" on/off toggle) between 2 via points. Useful for where either the map doesn't allow something (either by error or the fact there isn't anything official to follow) & sends you on a convoluted route between 2 points when there is, in practice, a much simpler alternative - one example I can think of is access to a rail line route on the opposite side of a dual carriageway to a minor road that runs parallel to the dual carriageway. The simplest route is to simply cross the grass strip separating the dual carriageway from the minor road on foot & then cross the dual carriageway, but there is no formal path to do so. (Maybe I should put in a request with the Local Authority?) What is achievable in less than 100m routes as nearly 1km round 3 sides of a rectangle.

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