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New Garmin info?????

Thursday 23 July
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You teased us last week that some new Garmin downloading info was coming!!

Waiting we with baited breath!


Thu 23 Jul, 10:13

Working on it…! Hopefully more next week.

Sun 2 Aug, 13:19

I can't stand the Suspense!!!

Mon 3 Aug, 18:05

Heh! Unfortunately Garmin has had some tech issues recently and that’s interrupted progress. I’m a bit constrained for the next few weeks because of holidays but it’ll be ready later in the month. Sorry to keep you in suspense!

Mon 3 Aug, 21:11

Will this be Garmin only please? I jumped ship to Wahoo due to Garmin Gremlins.

Mon 3 Aug, 21:21

Wahoo haven’t yet opened up their API for websites to connect to. They’ve promised to do so and I’ve expressed interest, but the ball is in their court!

Sun 4 Oct, 14:17

Any new information?

Mon 5 Oct, 10:30

It's working for me. When I go to the GPS button, one of the options is to send to Garmin Connect. I'm not sure how it does this as it has never asked me for my Garmin username. I can only assume that it works because my email address is the same in CT and Garmin Connect. Anyway, once it's there I can send to the Edge via wi-fi. It works perfectly. One thing that I find interesting is that a route with 3 climbs when the file is copied from CT turns into a route with 4 climbs having gone from CT via Garmin Conect to my Edge. Also, when the route has gone directly from CT to Edge, road names, island exit numbers, etc appear at the bottom of the Edge during a ride, unfortunately too late to be useful. Having passed through Garmin Connect they do not appear at all. I don't miss them as they tend to cover more useful information. Richard, thank you for this, it is great.

Mon 5 Oct, 13:53

yep I saw this development last week, a real treat, many thanks

Mon 5 Oct, 20:17

Great – glad you both like it!

Kathy – as above; if you click the GPS button, you’ll now get a ‘send to Garmin Connect’ option. This will (after a short login) transfer your route across to Garmin Connect. If you have the Connect app on your phone, it can then instantly send it to your Garmin GPS, assuming it’s one of the modern ones with Bluetooth.

The Garmin Connect API (the connection between and Garmin) doesn’t yet have the opportunity to send turn-by-turn instructions across. There’s a couple of occasional wrinkles around elevation too as you’ve spotted, Martin!

Tue 6 Oct, 09:14

Hi Richard. Actually, I have not noticed any difference regarding turn-by-turn instructions when going from CT to Garmin Connect to Edge. At the top of the screen I still get distance to next turn with a right or left arrow plus a road name (this is when viewing a course on the Edge). Reminders appear at 400 ft  and then count down either viewing a course or with another screen. As I said before the only differences I have noticed are the loss of some pointless information that named roads after I was already on them which used to appear at the bottom of the screen and some changes to the number of climbs. I quite like the odd extra climb, it makes me feel younger.

Thu 8 Oct, 13:09

Im with you Martin, on my 830 Edge I get road names and change direction at 150m and a reminder at 70m, all good, love the climb notifications in advance and on course