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City 20 limit for “cyclists and dreamers”

9 Jul 2014 London 20mph
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On Sunday 20 July, the City of London will get a near-universal, bike-friendly 20mph speed limit. Only one road, Upper Thames Street, will have a higher limit. Even major roads such as Farringdon Road will be included.

Neighbouring authorities have also fallen into line, reducing the speeds on the nearby Thames bridges, while Transport for London will impose the limit on its roads through the City. Over 50 signs will be erected to notify drivers of the new limit.

Michael Welbank, Chairman of the City’s Planning & Transportation Committee, said:

“For the City of London to continue its success as an international business hub it is critical that its streets should be safe for all who use them be they commuters, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, motorcyclists, shoppers or cultural wanderers and dreamers.”

The London Cycling Campaign has applauded the reduced limit, with chief executive Ashok Sinha saying:

“LCC has consistently argued for lower speed limits in London – a 20mph limit in the Square Mile will help save lives. We welcome the City of London and Transport for London’s steps to reduce road danger in the heart of the capital.”
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