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Using generated route in rideWithGPS

1 Sep 2020
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Can someone tell me if there is an export format that will integrate with rideWithGPS and keep the turn by turn instructions clean? I've tried several of the export formats. The issue I see is that when I then do the turn by turn directions when riding using rideWithGPS the street names are truncated. So instead of  "turn left on washburn street" I'll get just "washburn." or even "washbn" spoken out loud I'll also get some weird commands that don't make sense.  Basically I'd like to get the route into ridewithgps but then have ridewithGPS generate all of the directions. 

One other small thing.. is there a way to get the total amount of climbing in feet instead of meters?

I should say I love the site. The route suggestion is a game changer and there are some features that just crush everything out there so keep up the good work developers.


Wed 9 Sep 2020, 02:06

I reported this about a year ago in a thread "TCX files missing cue data". The reason for this is that RideWithGPS seems to do a ridiculous check that the "Name" of a CoursePoint entry must exist in the "Notes" entry. 

To solve this, Richard would need a change to how the TCX/GPX files are created. 

I always use TCX course files as my turn by turn app handles them no problem.  The only way that I have found to get  these files correctly into RideWithGPS is to upload them into Plotaroute then immediately download them, then upload  this version into RideWithGPS. 

Hope that helps.

Fri 11 Sep 2020, 09:44

Forgot to say that one good (and free) feature of Plotaroute which I often use, is the ability to add/edit cue sheet data - not found this feature on and it's now paid for on RideWithGPS. 

Also upload, and cue sheet editing is only on the pc version, not the (Android) mobile phone version.

Sun 13 Sep 2020, 15:15

Could someone please tell me how to transfer a route from this app to I'm  sure it's possible but I've tried and tried and just can't work it out.. I think it's something to do with kml files & uploads and downloads but the whole thing stops & says I need  title.Thanks , Peter 

Tue 15 Sep 2020, 02:39

I have had pretty smooth transfers to    However, all the .KMLs you download from have the same name - something like cycle_travel.kml.  So after you download the .KML file, rename it with something meaningful to you.  Keep the .KML extension.  So now your downloaded file is named something like NY_Boston.KML.  Open that .KML file in  Good luck.

Tue 22 Sep 2020, 20:12

I've tweaked the KML export so it has the route name in it - perhaps this will make happier. I've just successfully opened a KML in to check it works.

If you save your route on before downloading, then the KML file you download will be given your route name - so "Home-work.kml" rather than "".

On TCXs, the files are currently optimised for loading into Garmins, but I could possibly add an additional option that's more RWGPS-friendly (as John says, they have a rather idiosyncratic requirement about names). I'm a little loth to keep adding more and more options because every single site is different somehow, but if it's popular then I'm happy to do it!

Thu 1 Oct 2020, 12:38

Just to say I had the same issue and to solve that I do what John does and load the route into plotaroute first (as a tcx course) and export it from there into RWGPS (no additional editing needed), this seems to clean up the route into a format that RWGPS likes for the full directions.