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overriding footpaths

Hi, doesnt allow long stretches of footpath to be used in a route, presumably because its forbidden.

However some of the footpaths are actually large paved or gravel tracks traverse-able by car. They appear correct in OS and Openstreetmap but not on the map. This means I cant create a cross-country route that is in reality perfectly fine for bikes.

If the map cant be changed, is there any way of overriding the footpath routing prevention?



just thinking that a useful feature when plotting a route between 2 points would be to chose a flatter profile with fewer climbs, but might be a longer distance. Is this possible?

roundabout exit count

Ive only just started using and think its a great resource.

However I had some confusion over the definition of roundabout exit numbers when out on a ride yesterday. At 2 roundabouts, the route wanted me to go straight over, which to me would be the second exit on a standard 4 exit roundabout. However it referred to both of them as exit 3 (which to me would be going right rather than straight).

Is this deliberate and some alternative definition? Can it be corrected?

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