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Using generated route in rideWithGPS

Can someone tell me if there is an export format that will integrate with rideWithGPS and keep the turn by turn instructions clean? I've tried several of the export formats. The issue I see is that when I then do the turn by turn directions when riding using rideWithGPS the street names are truncated. So instead of  "turn left on washburn street" I'll get just "washburn." or even "washbn" spoken out loud I'll also get some weird commands that don't make sense.  Basically I'd like to get the route into ridewithgps but then have ridewithGPS generate all of the directions. 

One other small thing.. is there a way to get the total amount of climbing in feet instead of meters?

I should say I love the site. The route suggestion is a game changer and there are some features that just crush everything out there so keep up the good work developers.

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