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Casa-Berrueco 93k @1100m (Canencia) by pituflito
Casa-Berrueco 79k @700m (Brunete) by pituflito
Natinal byway loop by ROBERT WHEELDON
savernake rtn by Bendy Roberts
savernake by Bendy Roberts
Shila by Elspeth
Andrea by Sven Otto Scheen
nairn by gaspard
barton winston hilton by Victor
version 1 Amsterdam by borntopedal

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Uploading GPX files

I searched for this on the forum and found a mention that the upload option was on the "My" tab and then on the Journeys tab. I can see the Journeys tab (along with Travelogue, Shortlist and Profile tab) on my Android mobile (using Chrome), but I don't see any of these Tabs on my laptop (Windows 10 and Chrome). Any suggestions ?

Can I also add that I have only just stumbled onto the fact that, as mentioned in another post, that  you can add a c.t icon and plan on your mobile, and it is EXCELLENT !!! As a result, I can transfer my GPX files to my mobile and load them from there, but would be easier from my laptop.

TCX files missing cue sheet data

I use an app on my phone (Bike Tracker) for turn by turn navigation which uses TCX files. When I export a TCX file from, a lot of the cue sheet information seems to be changed / missing / abbreviated. For example, I live in a suburb of Manchester, and while in the area, the cue sheet information on the laptop will show "turn left onto ... Road" but the information in the TCX file just shows "left Manchester". Why the loss of info ?

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