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Disappearing Maps

4 Oct 2023
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This is probably related to the offline maps issue.

My choice for navigating is the OS map on my android phone.  Having created a long route (~50 miles) I went over the whole route with the OS map selected, while I had wifi available, hoping the phone would at least temporarily store all the necessary map sectors.

It worked for about 20 miles, then the maps all disappeared leaving the blue route on a black screen.  I stopped for a coffee and used the wifi there to repeat the trick for the rest of the route.  Once again, after about another 20 miles all the maps disappeared.  So it appears the alternative maps can't be used for long journeys.

Anyone any ideas?

A further comment, although I have the Cycletravel maps for much of England available offline, I don't think the CT map has enough contrast.  Designers always need to imagine (or deliberatley look at) their creation in black and white or grey scale.  If it is readable then it will be OK in colour.


Thu 5 Oct 2023, 08:57

Andrew, from

Unfortunately the terms of use of the other maps generally prohibit this - either they forbid bulk downloads, or they forbid storing the map tiles permanently on your phone, or both. I think the long-term solution is for me to make the maps good enough that they do the job in all circumstances!

It looks like you can only access the OS maps on the road by using data - Copyright prohibits anything other than cache storage. The choice is yours - use data for the non CT maps, "boost" the cache as you did or use the CT maps in offline mode. 

And as for improving the CT maps it looks like that's already on the long and ever growing to-do list!