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22 Jul 2022
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We really like using CycleTravel for our long tours and will continue using it. But I hear about Komoots. What's so special about it??


Sat 23 Jul 2022, 02:18

I stopped using Komoot when I tested it on a local route and it suggested something difficult and dangerous. suggested what I knew to be the best way. This convinced me that not all route algorithms are equal.

Mon 25 Jul 2022, 10:31
Cheeky is probably the kindest word I can use to describe coming on to the CT forum to ask about a competitor.

As Derek suggests a good way to check it out is to try it out in areas that you know and see what routes it creates.

Routes are subjective - what I like you may not and vice versa.
I have several problems with Komoot.
I don't like the routes it creates, often choosing bigger roads than quieter ones nearby.
It has put me on roads totally unsuitable for bikes in large urban areas.
I dislike the app for planning a route, the computer is better. 
Importing routes can lead to changes in that route.
Their customer service is poor.
It's been awhile since I checked but their "worldwide" maps are far from worldwide. 

And the killer - too many times it has lead me to a dead end. 

Komoot seem to be very much focused on the social media side of things and seem to be busy sponsoring or promoting events. Perhaps that's why it is so visible. 

Perhaps I'm odd but I like my route planner to be good at planning. 

When I was in the US I did use Komoot to locate specific addresses - something CT struggled to do (but I believe is better now). After a few attempts I quickly learned to use Komoot to find the address but CT to plot the route

Mon 25 Jul 2022, 13:59

Thanks for the reply about comparisons. We have enjoyed CT and as I said will continue to use it. We reccomend it to other cycle tourers as we see them.

Wed 27 Jul 2022, 23:26

personally, I use both. I prefer simpler to use and always sends a route that works, and doesn't send me into a motorway. I do wish it would name the towns a bit more though, but that is just a case of zooming, I think.

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 23:57

Any comparison I make will obviously be biased!

Komoot has a staff of 75 and has benefited from German government funding. has a staff of me, and hasn’t. So Komoot has a lot of bells and whistles, better promotion, slick mobile apps, etc. It also does walking routes, I think.’s focus is solely on route-planning. It doesn’t have as many features as Komoot, but on balance, I reckon will find you a better touring route from A to B than Komoot will between the same two points.

Komoot (like many apps) does also quite aggressively upsell you into buying their ‘Premium’ package, but more of that anon…

Fri 29 Jul 2022, 13:56

Thanks Richard! BTW, how can we contribute$?

Sat 30 Jul 2022, 07:50

This is a very nice thought Kathy which I am sure Richard would appreciate. Here is the link to use for Patreon sponsorship: