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Overnight stays problems/suggestions

Saturday 13 March
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This definitely looks like it'd be useful! However the only option for splitting by day seems to be infinity (which isn't necessarily practical...). Set start/end, and click "Suggest overnight Stops". Tried in both FF and Chrome under Linux. Setting them manually works.

Would it also be possible to divide the altitude graph by day? With points demarking where the overnight stays are for example, and resetting the x-axis to zero for the following day. Or a gap between separate graphs for each day.

Finally an unrelated suggestion (so can make a separate post if it's useful), I often find myself wanting to click/hover on the road types in route summary and have the relevant sections in the route highlighted (for example, I want to see all the parts that are busy roads and investigate to see how scary they look).

And thanks for an excellent website. And apologies if I've missed something obvious and the above is possible already :)


Sat 13 Mar, 16:02

Oops – the ‘Infinity’ was if you didn’t have “miles per day” set in your profile. I should have checked that! Fixed now.

I’ll look at the other two – good ideas. It should certainly be possible to do little labels on the altitude graph, along the lines of the ones we already have for peaks/passes.

Sun 14 Mar, 17:41

Multi-day feature is a fantastic addition to an already great tool becoming truly indispensable.

Thank you.

Proud to be a "patreon".

Mon 15 Mar, 13:59

Really glad you like it!

I’ve added it to the elevation graph too. It simply changes the background colour every day (alternating between grey and blue), so you can easily see how much climbing there is on any day.

Tue 16 Mar, 17:45
Could we have "undo" remove them when clicked in error, please?
Tue 16 Mar, 18:04

"Cancel overnight" already exists in the pop-up menu.