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CT files and Edge 530

Saturday 16 May
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Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere. After creating a route on Cycle Travel I download the tcx course file to a Windows computer, then copy it into the New folder on the Edge. Looking at the route on the Edge, in the summary section it gives distance correctly but gives ascent and descent as 0 feet. This is Devon so that is not right. The elevation section shows a horizontal line. However, the climbs are shown correctly. Now I can get round this by copying the files into Garmin Connect and putting them on the Edge from there. All the data now appears correctly. But, if I want to make minor changes to the route I cannot makes them on the Garmin as a small change can have major consequences elsewhere in the route. I assume that is because although the route is copied to Garmin Connect the points are not. So to make a change it is back to CT and then all the transfer and copying of files. Has anyone else had this problem or, even better, found a solution?


Mon 18 May, 09:44

I was never brave enough to attempt to edit a course in my Edge 710, I'm not sure if it was even possible. I always edited in C.T on a PC and loaded the new navigation file. I did sometimes use C.T on my phone to edit and transfer. I retired the Garmin so haven't recent experience with it. I never used elevation data so can't comment on that.

Mon 18 May, 13:08

Curious one. First question – when you download the TCX file from, do you have the elevation display on-screen? It’ll only include the elevation in the file if you do.

I’ve tweaked the code a little so it now includes the start/end elevation in the TCX. This shouldn’t make a difference but you never know with GPX/TCX files!

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I can investigate further. If you have a file that does work (e.g. one downloaded from Garmin Connect) then I can compare the two and see what’s missing.

Mon 18 May, 16:27

Richard, thank you, having the elevation display on CT solves both problems - the summary and the elevation chart on the Edge.

Could I also take this opportunity to say that not only is CT the best routing software I have come across, and I have tried lots of them, but the information that appears on the Edge during a ride seems to be more comprehensive than that which comes from a route made on and imported from Garmin Connect. After a turn I get information about which road I am on as well as information about the next turn. This only seems to happen with a CT file and both Garmin and Strava are not as good in this regard. I have no idea why this should be and frankly find it surprising that Garmin's software does not seem to fully utilise the capabilities of the Edge.

Graham, sorry I was not clear. What I was doing was uploading a CT file to Garmin Connect, editing there and then sending to the Edge. I think you're right - no edits on the Edge.

Sun 24 May, 12:35

Richard, could I point out something else that may benefit from a tweak? With a CT tcx file on my Edge I get a message regarding exits when I come to a roundabout, for example Exit 3 appears at the bottom of the screen. This is something that doesn't seem to happen when I use a Garmin or Strava file and obviously it beats peering at the map to try to identify the exit. However, the message appears just after I have exited the roundabout and it would be better if it could appear say 100m earlier. I tried using the same file with the 30m box ticked, but this caused enormous problems. Any message (exit number, street, etc) which appears at the bottom of the screen started to appear around 2 km before I arrived at that particular feature. I am not sure what that 30m box is supposed to do but it doesn't seem to do anything beneficial on my Edge.

Wed 3 Jun, 10:57

Aha, now I know why I’ve had elevation info before but not lately - thanks Richard